Vula's Boyfriend (Take That, Oliver Heldens, Justin Bieber)

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Vula's Boyfriend (Take That, Oliver Heldens, Justin Bieber)

Post Tue May 26, 2020 5:30 am


MarkJMix - Vula's Boyfriend


Take That - These Days


Oliver Heldens - Turn Me On
Justin Bieber - Boyfriend

As this is my first post i'll just keep it short for now,
I was lucky enough to be involved in MTV Mash back in the day but still haven't really gotten to grips with creating my own remixes. I am in the process though.

I use Sony Music Studio (yes, STILL!!) to mix the tracks together as I just can't seem to figure out time stretching in Ableton and Cubase.
Then I did jump into Ableton to master the track, i'm a complete beginner at sound design and mastering so please bare with me.
This mix was simply created for fun, you can check out my attempt of a video mashup here.

No Flash Installed

Hopefully i've followed your guide correctly and posted this how you want it.

Please please go ahead with any feedback as it only makes you stronger :1grin:

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Re: MarkJMix - Vula's Boyfriend

Post Tue May 26, 2020 9:55 am

Hey dude, welcome to the forum & mashup producing fun! :1grin:

As a first mashup this is really good and definitely a world away from my first one so good job with that :1laugh:

I would recommend you try and view some tutorials on Ableton if you have the time, it's not too complicated to learn and once you do you'll be so glad. Moving back and forth between DAWs is never great fun.

Hopefully i've followed your guide correctly and posted this how you want it.

I've fixed your title, just lacked the artists. If you run outa room for artists then just remove your name from the title as your username is displayed just below it anyway and as long as you list it in the post then we'll figure it out your prefered name to use if we go to front-page it :1smiley:

"Please please go ahead with any feedback as it only makes you stronger "

Well, as you asked :1tongue:

Re the mastering; what are you using to mix with? (Ie. what type of headphones/speakers?). The mix is really quite high-heavy in that there are too many boosts in the high frequencies. If I were to guess I'd imagine you're using a 'bass' designed set of headphones or hifi which perhaps makes it sound muddy before you mixed it so you've boosted the highs to make it sound good? Problem is, although it may sound good on your setup, it sounds harsh on a balanced setup. If that is the case I'd recommend some studio cans or speakers if you have the budget, or if you do already have studio quality headphones/speakers then it may just be a case of needing to tune your ears to get used to your setup. The good news is, either way, there is an easy way to get the right balanced sound as below;

My recommendation would be to do the following:
1. Get the original Take That - These Days song
2. Download a spectrum analyzer
3. Use the spectrum analyzer to see what the first track looks like.
4. Use the spectrum analyzer to see what your own mashup looks like.
5. EQ/Mix/Master your mashup so it looks closer to the spectrum analyzer.
6. May take a bit of trial and error of uploading new versions to get it perfect but that's what this place is great for :1smiley:

Regarding the mashup concept itself I think it's a really really good creative mix of the sources to make it sound like an original. I more focused on the quality of the mastering if I'm honest as I couldn't really look past it so may be able to offer more feedback once the EQ is sorted :1smiley:

Hope this is useful!

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