MashStix - A Users Guide - All Please Read

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MashStix - A Users Guide - All Please Read

Post Sun Jan 22, 2012 10:24 pm

Hi everybody,
The past few weeks has seen a swelling in our ranks, we’re seeing new faces on a daily basis; not only in Team Stix (the moderators) but also many first time posters.
So, I thought it was an appropriate time to write a guide to our site.

What is MashStix..?

MashStix is first and foremost a community, a community whose members have a common interest; “Mashups”. We are a community where members can come and share thoughts, opinions, ideas, find (and offer) help and advice.
We consider our site singularly unique in this respect, especially in our “Submit Mashup” forum where open honest critiquing is what sets us apart from any other site.
We are a democracy, where all voices are equal, be you a first time poster or a MashStix veteran, no-one’s opinion is less or more valued than another. We want all our members to get involved.
However, remember we expect a certain level of courtesy to be shown by all our members, and operate a zero tolerance approach to any form of bullying, disparaging or belittling in any of our forums.

What is the “Submit Mashup” forum..?

The Submit forum should be seen as a “proving ground”; an environment where the merits of your work can be assessed. That assessment process is carried out by all the other members of the community - remember I said you all have a voice.
First-time posters can often find this process a bit of a shock to the system if they are not used to their work being criticised in such detail but remember it’s all aimed at helping you grow in experience, knowledge and abilty.
The Submit forum is NOT (and I must emphasise this NOT) a place to “Showcase”.
You are among your peers here inside this forum, we are all producers so “Grandstanding” is pointless and unwelcome - If that is what you are all about there are many other outlets for your work; but if you are serious about mashups you will find no better place to post your work than here at MashStix.
Oh and don’t worry about your work reaching a wider audience because we have got that covered too.

What is the Frontpage and how do I get on it..?

Consider the Frontpage our “Seal Of Approval”.
As I have stated already the forums are populated primarily by producers, it is in effect a closed shop; This is very much by design, it allows members a chance to tweak and improve their work before it is heard by a wider audience.
The Frontpage is an entirely different animal, it has approximately 30,000 hits a week from the general public, included in those hits; music journalist, bloggers, radio DJs..etc
Being awarded a place on our Frontpage is a big deal because we only Frontpage the best.

So how do you get on our Frontpage?

MashStix has an in-house team of highly respected producers and mashup aficionados, whose role it is to decide which tracks get frontpaged.
Having a good Idea is only the start, we can all come up with a good idea. What gets your track to the Frontpage is how you execute that good Idea. So our team (Team Stix) are tasked with scrutinising your submission listening for substandard audio, off tempo vocals, clashing of key, the click and pops of badly trimmed loops, disparity of vocal levels, They are a hard bunch to convince because they have the reputation of the site to maintain but they are are also a great bunch of people, warm, friendly and very easy to approach so if you have any question, just ask :)

So thats it, if you are a newcomer to MashStix welcome aboard and enjoy your time with us because ultimately that’s what it’s all about, having fun, if you’re not having fun, what’s the point..? ...and remember...

“The first rule of MashStix is you must talk about MashStix”.

If you enjoy your time at our site, spread the word, share a link, tell a friend. Let’s make MashStix the centre of this great worldwide scene.

Thanks for your time


OK, one last thing before i go, you will all have noticed at the top of each forum are a few announcements, they ARE important please take a couple of minutes to read them and following the instructions within them, it will make everyones visits to our site a more pleasurable one.

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Re: MashStix - A Users Guide - All Please Read

Post Thu Sep 27, 2012 6:22 am

Just by way of an addendum to this guide I thought I should add a bit of clarity to the whole frontpaging process. So going forward the way things will work are as follows;

- Two moderators will have to be in agreement on the frontpage worthness of a submitted track.
- You will know a moderator has recommended your track for the frontpage by the (!) tag in the subject field.
- The moderator will also write the word "Recommend' at the end of his comments, to denote who has (!) tagged the track.
- A second moderator will then need to agree with the initial moderators verdict.
- If a second moderator agrees with the first recommendation the track will be instantly frontpaged and the (!) tag replaced with the more familiar [FP] tag and the word 'Frontpaged' will be written at the end of their comments.
- Moderator will be asked to make it clear in their comments why they feel a track is frontpage worthy or more importantly why they don't.
- If a track gains a (!) tag but does not gain a second nomination, don't feel bad, one tag means you made a good track... and hopefully the feedback from other moderators will steer you in the right direction next time.

Our frontpage is reserved for the very best tracks, something to aspire to, I'm sure you will all understand the need to maintain it's exclusive nature, we have in recent weeks allowed our standards to slip and that is doing all our frontpaged members a disservice, these new measures will once again make the MashStix frontpage a badge of honour that members can wear with pride.

- lloyd

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