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Re: mashstix relaunch... or new site

Post Mon Apr 13, 2020 5:13 pm

Hi guys and Paul!

I don't know what exactly I can add to what have been said, but I'd like to suggest something.

I've been collecting mashups for 13 years now and the two hardest things (when it's not finding a functional link) is to find the date it was created/posted and which sources have been used.

Could it be possible to add these infos to a song page? Maybe by forcing Frontpaged submitters to fully filled ID3 tag of their final track?

My dream goal is to classify my mashups collection by the date they originally been created. :1grin:

For the rest, I'm with the others, it would be a shame to lose what've been said in the forum all those years.

PS: Immensely glad to see this website going through a renovation not a closure.
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