Stereo widening without Phase issues on phone etc...

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Stereo widening without Phase issues on phone etc...

Post Fri May 18, 2018 2:36 am

So I've hit this issue a couple of times and got ratty about the limitations of phone/ mono reproduction and phase issues in general a couple of times(using Utility fx in Live usually, but also some verbs with widening)

I've not tested it out yet, but if anyone is looking for some safe stereo width/has phase issues to overcome maybe this will help:

Wider: Free pseudo stereo plugin -

"Wider cancels itself out when summed to mono, so the original signal is left intact." (rather than making your vocal vanish :1laugh:)

Post if you use it with any success and I'll try remember to do the same!

ty MixmstrStel; sharing is caring.

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