Vocal Bleed

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Vocal Bleed

Post Tue Mar 20, 2018 2:23 pm

I really want to use a Rush - Fly By Night Mogg for a Mashup, but there's vocal bleed on all the other parts. Given I have the vocal in the Mogg and assuming this contains 'all' the vocal (inc the bled frequencies now also in other tracks) can I somehow use the vocal to remove the bleed in the 4 other tracks? by removing/filtering each with the vocal track? If so how?

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Re: Vocal Bleed

Post Tue Mar 20, 2018 10:20 pm

SgtMash wrote:by removing/filtering each with the vocal track? If so how?
I’m not thinking you can because they would have to be the exact same waveform as the vocal track to phase-invert them out, and I guarantee they are not. You could try to EQ them out, but you’ll more than likely lose some punch and presence in the instrumental by doing that...

If it was a project I was really invested in I might at least think about ponying up the cash and running the instrument tracks through PhonicMind, maybe individually, or maybe as a single mixed-down instrumental (or at least do the free trial clip and see what it sounded like.) And/or I would replace parts of the instrument tracks with similar parts that didn’t contain vocals (essentially looping.) You could at least loop the main riff throughout and leave the Geddy vocals at the chorus maybe. Depending on how committed you are to this track, you could do a combination of the two.

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