My name's "......." and I'm a MashStix member.

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My name's "......." and I'm a MashStix member.

Post Fri Aug 09, 2013 4:42 am

Hi Guys
So it strikes me that we've never really introduced ourselves to each other, we don't have a "who's who' and only very rarely do members actually say hi before posting a track... so i thought it was about time we did.

Please use this thread to say hi and to tell us all about yourself, I'll go first;

Hi my names lloyd and I'm a Mashstix member... I'm 40 years old, Have no real musical talent, I learned to play the acoustic guitar and piano as a child but have since forgotten all I ever knew.
I'm told that I used to annoy friends and family as a child by instantly knowing all the words to songs after one listen and could always be found singing, I was the soloist in my junior school choir (something i found totally embarrassing). I had no formal training but I did naturally possess perfect pitch, by with i mean if you played me a note I could replicate it.
By about 12 I realised that my passion in life was music and started spending every penny i had buying 12"s. Around the same time i became obsessed with Hip Hop and what would come to be know as turntablism.
In my early 20s I started DJing at various clubs and bars in and around Romford (Essex, England) and yes i did my fair share of Birthdays and Weddings.
By my late 20s however, real life had taken over and I was working a "proper" job and the DJing was all behind me. My love of music hadn't faded though and i continued to make mixtapes for friends and would now and again play at friends parties.
In my early 20 I'd met a couple of guys who made music under the name of Toxic on the D-Zone record label (Kevin and Mags)
and watching them and how they produced their tracks was something that inspired me and stuck with me for years, it was something i wanted to be able to do.
I came to mashups about 7 or 8 years ago, just by chance, I was online downloading some albums (all legit honest) and I came across a track - I forget who by - and I thought wow, that's a cool idea. That one track led me on a quest to find more and i was soon lurking in the shadows over a GYBO and making monthly pilgrimages over to Bootie.
I didn't actually make a mashup of my own until about 3 years ago, Mashups i thought were cool but I was more of a mixtape maker I've never really liked listening to tracks in isolation, I enjoy the journey of a mixtape but I did bring the concept of mashups into my mixtape making.
So, that's me... Consider me more of a fan than a producer, consider me a fan of music in general.

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Re: My name's "......." and I'm a MashStix member.

Post Fri Aug 09, 2013 3:55 pm

Hi, my name's Andy and I'm a recovering Melancholic.

I'm 30-something though if anyone asks, I'm closer 27, and live in sunny Birmingham, UK. I used to have a little musical talent way back when, teaching myself keyboard and then at Uni I learnt guitar. But I was never really good enough so knocked that on the head when I got my first home PC 6 or 7 years ago.

I've always been in to music though as long as I can remember (Sunday afternoons as a wee kid listening to the Pick of the Pops with Alan Freeman!), and as a rough map of my musical roads, I fell in love with all things rave and breakbeat in '91 - '92, following that through as it evolved to jungle/d'n'b before I got in to house and vocal garage in the late 90s visiting Ibiza a couple of times. I used to love clubbing back then, but upon getting to Uni, all that changed at V97 festival when I witnessed The Verve headline and suddenly realised that guitar music could tick every emotional box. So I spent the next 8 or 9 years loving all things indie, whilst backtracking and picking up on Britpop and learning about the classics like Zep and Floyd as a result of learning guitar.

But something changed around the late 00s and suddenly guitar music just became so dull it hurt, so I went back to electronica, specifically downtempo stuff like IDM and trip hop (picking up on dubstep when dubstep WAS dubstep).

Anyway - I'd been unknowingly aware of mashups from an early age, with the likes of legendary The Source track, You Got The Love and the Herb Alpert/Public Enemy stuff from the Evolution Control Committee. Then of course, like many of us, I discovered As Heard on Radio Soulwax part 2 (blew my mind, considering I'd followed Soulwax since day dot, seeing them live twice back in the 90s at Leeds venue, The Subway and this was NOT a Soulwax record!) and thus needed to know more.

So I stumbled across GYBO around '02 and lurked for a loooong time, downloading everything I could get my hands on and burning to CD. These people were like superheroes to me. To hear stuff I knew so well in new settings, and the whole question over the legality of it all - it was like the punk movement of my generation. If GYBO had nothing going on, I'd be straight across to Boomselection which was more than brilliant, and then there were a couple of other regular sites I'd drop in on to find this stuff (names escape me right now).

Once I did get that PC, I knew I had to have a go. And it was a complete disaster. For a year I kidded myself on I was making mashups, but in reality, they were atrocious - I had no idea about matching key or who to match tempos. But interestingly to me now, looking back it seems my choice of source files used were eclectic back then too.

Fortunately, I lucked out one day and made a simple A+B because it featured the music of my all-time fave show. That mashup suddenly blew up on the boards, and before I knew it, my heroes were asking behind the scenes if we could cultivate the idea in to a full album. Before I knew it, here I was - a nobody with no talent, co-ordinating and contributing to this incredible artistic album alongside the likes of Wax Audio, Reborn Identity, G3RSt, Voicedude, ToTom, etc. The track was Twin Hearts and the resulting album was Mashed In Plastic. Which kinda became a big deal - I lose track of downloads, but I think it was last around the 100k mark, and more importantly, David Lynch himself approved :1cool:

Anyway, it was a great learning curve and I picked up a lot from the other guys working on this album. But something was still missing - I was making music that didn't really move me (aside from a couple of full length players that went over pretty well, and my "Welcome to my World" which may still be my most creative output yet). At this stage, I was completely in love with the likes of Phil Retrospector, Flying White Dots, Reborn Identity, etc. but I couldn't quite get their sound in my own stuff.

So... when a little event known as getting dumped by the one true love in Colatron's life to date occurred, that was the day CLT was born. Suddenly, I had my muse and my muse was heartbreak and tears. Suddenly, I had a reason to play with the music that I actually truly loved and by trying to get my inner thoughts and feelings out via the gift of other peoples' music, I was creating something that was truly cathartic and changed my life in a way. So for that, here's raising a drink to my Lou-Lou :1cheesy:

And that's how you ended up with the Physics Disco mix album. Every track had my usual leitmotif of telling and progressing a story but this time each and every track referred to some detail in my life. And it didn't stop there - all my single releases were somehow related to the details of my life and feelings. More mixes emerged. More heartache and downtempo sorrow. The occasional happy upbeat tune too for the giggles :1smiley:

So, that's how we get to where I am today. I make stuff that means something to me, or is designed to evoke a reaction from people. I don't do disco. And I certainly don't do pop vs. pop or dance vs. dance (not that there's anything wrong with that of course!). And I'm still kinda known as the dude who makes mashups with movie OSTs :1laugh:

I'm not that popular by any stretch, but it seems I've earnt the respect of my peers and idols, and that's all I can ask for. When (IMHO) the greatest masher in the world today puts you in his top ten all-time producers, I know I've done a good thing with my hobby and I could stop tomorrow and be happy. But I might do this for a little while longer yet...

Other things to know: I have a degree in Astrophysics yet work in telecoms, I'm obsessed with Marvel comics and good sci-fi, I love vietnamese and thai cuisines, I'm forever falling in love (and have an OCD for the hair colour red), I have tattoos and tiny feet, I'm a complete geek, I occasionally ghost hunt and UFO watch, and I'm convinced one day we'll all be living in skypods connected to a big neural net. Oh, and cute cats are my thing.
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Re: My name's "......." and I'm a MashStix member.

Post Fri Aug 09, 2013 4:26 pm

Very nice to meet you Andy :1wink:

I don't remember putting you in my top ten :1wink: (though you deserve to be... I love your concept albums)

I wonder how many members will admit to being comic book/scifi geeks... we could do a chart... lover of red-heads, check!

And also anyone who hasn't heard that 2 many Djs album should be instantly banned :1laugh:

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Re: My name's "......." and I'm a MashStix member.

Post Fri Aug 09, 2013 5:46 pm

My name is Boris and I have been known to make the occasional mashup video, but I doubt you have seen them because I post them in the video section of Mashstix and as everyone knows, its forbidden to look in there.

I am very very old and can even remember a time before they invented colour. I spent almost 25 years working as a roadie for many well-known bands and artists, although we don’t like the term roadie because it sounds a lot cooler to call ourselves stage technicians. My particular job was as a backline technician, and as everyone knows the backline is the bands instruments. I specialised as a guitar tech although did at times also look after drums, keyboards and even brass instruments and at times also did the live sound mix.

I could list all the people I worked for over the years but that would be a long boring list, plus because I am so old my memory isn’t what it once was and ……….
Sorry what was I saying?

Anyway a short list of some of the people I can remember that I’ve toured with includes
Everything but the Girl – Prefab Sprout – Bruce Dickinson – Love & Rockets – Ian McCulloch – Julian Cope – Smashing Pumpkins – Was (not was) – Comsat Angels - Zucchero - plus a load more that I cant be bothered to remember plus also did support slots on some big tours including Dire Straits, UB40 and Chic (which was a very long time ago) and had bands supporting who I was working for at the time, bands such as Janes Addiction, Frankie Goes To Hollywood and The Pixies to name just three.
Oh! yeah and toured with Kajagoogoo, although I’m still in therapy for that but I should be ok soon?

I discovered mashups by accident in late 2004 or early 2005 when I used to visit a web site that had some accapellas that you could download for free. I forget the site name but it was called mash something or other and was British. I needed accapellas because I had my own studio I’d been building at home over the years, ever since the late 80’s, and had been using accapellas in my own compositions for some years, a sort of bootleg remix if you will. Anyway I’d been going to this web site for a few months and had noticed a page called mashups but had never bothered to actually look at it, but one day I did and had my mind blown away by the first track I downloaded (no online players in those days, you had to download to hear stuff) the track was green day vs oasis by someone called PartyBen, the next track I downloaded was by someone called Go Home Productions, it was Madonna vs The Sex Pistols. And from that moment on life was never the same for me.

And I have never ever heard the 2 many DJ’s album :1laugh:

Oh yeah and I also do/did? something called The Extra Hour a sort of radio show thingy playing just mashups which may or may not return sometime in the future.

And I have a sense of humour.

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Re: My name's "......." and I'm a MashStix member.

Post Sat Aug 10, 2013 5:23 am

lloyd wrote:
I wonder how many members will admit to being comic book/scifi geeks... we could do a chart... lover of red-heads, check!

They can all admit to it, though I doubt many will have the £20k or so-worth of comics I've got :1laugh: And they can leave the redheads alone, I've been known to have many dawn-light duels with rival suitors for the hand of the fair maidens!

lloyd wrote:And also anyone who hasn't heard that 2 many Djs album should be instantly banned :1laugh:

:1laugh: More so if anyone claims to not know who 2MDJs are :1laugh:
But they should also get a hold of the uber-rare part 1 (I can supply if necessary) and witness the legendary Freelance Hellraiser's "Stroke of Genius" used in a mix by someone famous. It's actually a better mix too :1smiley:

boris wrote:Oh! yeah and toured with Kajagoogoo, although I’m still in therapy for that but I should be ok soon?

Sending prayers your way B.

boris wrote:And I have never ever heard the 2 many DJ’s album :1laugh:

BANNED! :1kiss:
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Re: My name's "......." and I'm a MashStix member.

Post Sat Aug 10, 2013 6:35 am

I'm Oli, I'm 23 and I sometimes make mashups. Probably should make more.

I've always liked music. The first mashup I think I heard was Horny As A Dandy (well, the actual first one was David Guetta vs The Egg - Walking Away but I didn't know it was a mashup then). Thought it was cool then didn't put that much thought to them for a while, aside from the occasional messing around in Audacity, nothing serious.

Then I moved to Sweden for a girl, that turned out to be a mistake. Tried messing around again, but I didn't get the time so it fell out of my mind. The relationship didn't work out, I got terribly sad and found solace in music, mainly EDM (009 Sound System ftw). I got accepted into an online university course, I moved city to make things easier for it and also to help me get better. It kind of worked, but I was still not taking very good care of myself.

It was around this time I discovered GYBO (apparently, my first post there was July 2010), Norwegian Recycling and GHP. It was NR's Timb Raider that really relit my interest for mashups, especially making them. At the start of the year, during one of my many visits to the local student union night club there, I got a little disappointed with the DJ (he played Sexy Bitch twice in a night, among other heinous crimes). I stumbled home, mostly drunk and emailed the club owner at 2am saying I could do a lot better job, despite my complete lack of DJing experience. What I did have though, thanks to months of surrounding myself with them, was a large selection of music I liked that would work in a club. He emailed back the next day, inviting me down to the next weekly meeting and to see what I could do. He taught me the basics and I picked it up really quickly (I think partly helped by my half-serious mashup making). I practised for a week or so by myself and was then told that I would play Friday night. By myself. Eek... So I did and it all went fine (made a few rookie mistakes though, naturally) and I really started getting healthier and happier then. Unfortunately money ran out towards the end of 2010 and I had to move back to England.

Even though I'd moved home, the love of music stayed with me. I lurked around GYBO, making a few mashups and friends here and there, one got really popular (Example vs REM) which boosted my confidence. At the time, I was using Audacity and pretty good at it. Earworms book really helped me get to grips with keys and tempo etc. The more mashups I made, the better I felt I got. Near the end of 2011, I'd gotten the hang of making them and sounding good. The instrumental to Snow Patrol - Just Say yes leaked and I half jokingly asked Marc Johnce if he was willing to collaborate on a mashup as we had the same idea at the same time. He said yes, we ended up with one of the best mashups I feel I've made.

Soon after, I got hold of Ableton Live (eternally grateful, RS!) and I was really happy with what I was making and it just kind of got on from there. I mean, I never made mashups to be a crowd pleaser, I never started making them for others to enjoy. It was just me, messing around, trying to get something to sound good. Once I'd learned how to do that, the focus shifted to using them to get my thoughts out. Some people drew, other wrote, I made music that sounded like I felt. I made, and still do make, mashups entirely because I like how they sound at the end. They're for me first, the only reason I post them for others to see is because you guys seem to like for some reason, heh...

So I just carried on making them, getting steadily more well-known until I found my current lady love. I suddenly didn't have the time to make them and when I did, the sadness that had inspired and motivated me wasn't there any more. I'm glad it had gone because I didn't like feeling sad, but I just could feel inspired any more. Why spend a couple of days making a mashup when I could talk to this beautiful girl more? As luck would have it though, she liked my mashups so is telling me to make more.

So that's where you find me now. A meagre beginning, a sad growing and a happy ending. My other half is continually pushing to me to mash more, just as I'm pushing her to draw more. I don't feel sad any more so I doubt I could find the inspiration to make more melancholic mashups (though, it was fun while it lasted), so I'm just making mashups based on the music I'm currently enjoying.

So that's my story. Hope you enjoyed the read.

(obligatory thanks to the people I met and who helped and inspired me along the way :1grin: )

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Re: My name's "......." and I'm a MashStix member.

Post Sat Aug 10, 2013 6:46 am

If it means anything to you Oli, I don't think I've ever made a track coming from a happy place.

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Re: My name's "......." and I'm a MashStix member.

Post Sat Aug 10, 2013 9:22 am

I'm Sjoersje and nobody outside of The Netherlands can pronounce that. Outside of the mashup world I go by the name of Stefan.

I've loved music as long as I can remember, but my real love for 80's material started when I was 11 years old, in 1998. It was then when I heard Brother Louie by Modern Talking and instantly fell in love with those sounds. Nowadays I also listen to a lot of good quality music, but those questionable 80's synthproductions still hold a very special place in my heart, as you can often hear in my mashups :1laugh:

I did my first 'extended mix' when I was about 8 years old, using the double cassette deck from my parents. Of course it sounded like sh*t :1laugh: Around 2003 I started making extended mixes with a pc, combining radio and instrumental versions into ficticious 12" tracks. Looking back on it now, those mixes often also sounded like sh*t, although there are still a few productions from those days that I quite like. I also learned to know mashups around that time, although I didn't imagine ever making one of them myself. It wasn't a very active pursuit of the mashup genre either, but when I stumbled across a mash containing one of my favourite artists, I was always quite intrigued to hear it.

My mixing became a bit more serious when I started doing a radio show in 2007: "De Doldwaze Disconight" was a nonstop, all-night program on local radio I did once a year with a friend. The climax of the show was always a 30 minute disco megamix made by me. I don't know why I suggested to make such mixes in the first place, because I had almost no technical skills as it came to mixing different tracks into one continuous mix. But somehow I pulled it off. Even in hindsight those mixes still sound good (albeit simple) to me, and each year when I made a new one it sounded better than the previous.

In our final edition (2012) my megamix already had a few very simple mashup sections, and soon after I started doing actual mashes. My third attempt ended up being a track called Lolita In Black, which a month later would become my first FP'ed track here. It was also the track that got me addicted to making mashups: when I finished a megamix, I was always pleased with the result but also very happy to be done. When I finish a mashup, I can't wait to start with the next one.

I guess the summary of all my mixing work is that my technical skills are limited. My mixes are about the ideas, the combinations, the creativity. Of course I try to implement those ideas into a mix as good as I can. I often have no idea what I'm doing and just work 'by ear', but that ear seems to work well as my mixes seem to be well recieved here and elsewhere. More importantly: thanks to Mashstix my skills have grown over the last year. At the moment I still use a very old version of Magix Samplitude, but that's starting to have it's limitations for me so I'm learning to work with Adobe Audition now.

That's about it :1grin:

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Re: My name's "......." and I'm a MashStix member.

Post Sat Aug 10, 2013 11:59 am

Where do I begin? Right, the beginning. :1grin:

The name's Damien. 33 years old, Toronto born and raised, still a resident. I've loved music as long as I can remember, starting with my dad's vinyl music collection. I played his records when I was little, but I had no clue that some of the songs he had were so legendary. We're talking songs like Isaac Hayes' "Theme From Shaft," Aretha Franklin's cover of "Respect" and "When A Man Loves A Woman"...the Percy Sledge version. I emulated his collection with my own set of 45s; the first record I "bought" was "Invisible Touch" by Genesis. Looking back, one of my most significant purchases was "Pump Up The Volume" by MARRS; I wasn't even sure I'd like it because it sounded so different from what I was used to hearing.

I eventually got my first portable CD player and started collecting CDs. My tastes were probably along standard pop/rock lines (with a little bit of rap, I guess), but "electronic" music started surfacing in the mainstream and caught my ears. The Chemical Brothers were my gateway drug; I took a listen to Dig Your Own Hole at Tower Records (R.I.P.) and loved it, especially "Elektrobank." That was my first initial foray into that style of music; since then, I've had the pleasure of discovering artists like Amon Tobin, Boards Of Canada and Jonny L.

It's no surprise that I eventually started making music. I initially used MS Sound Recorder and called myself Loopy Lizard, but the music was all crap. Thanks to my interest in drum 'n bass being revived by Dieselboy's The 6ixth Session and Fusebox (an underground producer from Columbus, OH), I named myself Charlie Van Pelt, got my hands on Buzz and got down to it. I eventually moved on to FL Studio (I think it was called Fruity Loops back then) and got my hands on SoundForge not too long afterward. I had a blast, got on the radio a few times and got one of my tunes in a DJ mix at Dogs On Acid, but I eventually ran out of songs to rip off (and time).

Fast forward to 2010. My copy of SoundForge came with CD Architect, which is used to sequence CDs. I tinkered with it and used it for other purposes, like creating "mixes" (in the loosest sense of that word). I found out that I could also use it for making mashups, which led to me taking an O'Sound acapella and a Cabbageboy instrumental and creating my first half-decent mashup, Power Monks.

It would be two years before I committed to bastardizing songs full-time; I've got fellow Canadian Carly Rae Jepsen to thank for that. She came out with a song which proved to be the musical equivalent of world domination; thanks to being re-inspired by seeing a Twitter friend do mashups of his own, I mashed up her song with Kardinal Offishall's "Dangerous" as a joke. This was the result.

There's been no turning back since then...

As for my mashup rationale, anything goes - and I do mean anything. I've done my fair share of mashups with "mainstream" instrumentals (e.g. "Bulletproof Style") and I'm definitely not knocking that. However, what I really love to do is take instrumentals which are somewhat obscure and marry them to suitable acapellas. I also love to make people laugh, so for every few of my "serious" mashups, there's some tongue-in-cheek piece of work like the one I'm putting together now. In short, this music lover turned into a music maker in more ways than one. (In addition to mashups, I sing in a church choir, so I've got harmonies on my mind at any given moment.)

As for my mashup producer name, it's a simple A/B mashup. :1grin:
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Re: My name's "......." and I'm a MashStix member.

Post Sat Aug 10, 2013 4:12 pm

So I guess I could do this introduction thing, too.

Let's just start of with the basics about me:
I'm Jonathan and I produce my mashups as DJ GodrikGen. I'm 18 years old and live in Germany.I've always liked making and listening to music. When I was young (well youngER :1tongue: ) I used to play the violin but after a few years I've lost interest, especially because of all the practice. Besides that I really don't have much of a musical education. I'm also a lot into gaming (I love good, storytelling Roleplay games!) but not as much as I used to as I more and more focused on getting better at deejaying, which takes up quite some time practicing, getting new music, prep that music, etc.

I started making mashups sometime summer/fall '10, during my stay in the US as an exchange student. They weren't perfect by far, actually most of the ones I produced then sucked. Big time. For various reasons; I didn't know anything about keys and often I wasn't even able to keep the acapella on time either. Nevertheless I actually produced some mashups that worked very well key- and tempowise. Another reason was that, as I didn't have my own laptop in the US, I had to use my hostbrothers. Who wasn't always very happy about me sitting on his computer so often :1grin: Also I had to use the demo of FL Studio which means I couldn't open saved files, so I had to finish every new track in the same session as I started making it. Well I returned to Germany and soon after found out about Mashstix. I decided to post the album containing all 21 tracks I have produced during my time in the US and shortly after being back in Germany. Well, let's say it didn't go too well, for the reasons I mentioned above. :1laugh:. So I took down most of the mashups from soundcloud, and later also deleted the downloadlink for the album. After that I started to take things a lot more serious and started making a lot better mashups keeping in mind keys, tempo and structure, thanks to the awesome advise from some members here at mashstix, so big thanks for that!! :1kiss: .
My first mashup here at mashstix was pretty much a simple A+B "Pop vs. Pop"-Mashup called "Just The Parts Of Me" with Katy Perry and Bruno Mars (you can listen here). It became part of my second album which, much like Andy and Oli, was based on me falling in love with a girl I wasn't able to get, which resulted in me mostly making mashups that often featured love songs, which is also the reason I decided to name it "Broken Love Stories". I still love making those cheesy love song mashups but I've also made a few that are not based on broken hearts, etc! :1laugh:
Lately things have been working out very well for me and more and more people seem to discover, and like, my mashups, which obviously makes me quite happy! :1cheesy:

Most of my mashups still are the Pop vs Pop Mashups I started with. Most of them would not work on a "traditional" club-dancefloor, but they are not intended to be. They are mostly for listening on the radio, at home, or just to put on your ipod. I enjoy making Multimashes (example) just as well as simple A+B (example) ones. Both examples were frontpaged here at mashstix, too! :1smiley:

That should be about it I think. If there are any questions I'd be happy to answer those :1laugh:



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