Sing the WonderBoulevard (Travis vs Green Day vs Oasis)

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Re: Sing the WonderBoulevard (Travis vs Green Day vs Oasis)

Post Thu Jun 30, 2011 3:56 pm

Well there you go :D Welcome to MashStix Party Ben :D

Thanks for taking the time to drop by and commenting... feel free to drop by anytime :D

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Re: Sing the WonderBoulevard (Travis vs Green Day vs Oasis)

Post Fri Jul 01, 2011 2:08 pm

Hi PartyBen,
This is a nice surprise, and I am very glad you listened to my mashup.
My original idea was to mix Travis with Oasis, but the result was too flat, thus I though about Green Day. When I understood that Green day and Oasis match on Travis Sing I immediatly thought about your mashup. Why should I try to remix Oasis vs Green Day my own way, it is much more fun trying to reproduce it as it was done in boulevard of broken songs, but with a completly different instrumental.

partyben wrote:Hi, Mashstix -- mmmmm, delicious Mashstix.

Anyhoo I saw this over on my facebook page and just wanted to weigh in. First of all, while I appreciate the sentiment that my original mashup was so good that it shouldn't be touched, I don't feel that way at all. I myself have fiddled with other people's mashups a bunch of times -- I threw some GHP into a House of Pain/Queen thing, did a jokey take on Doctor Pressure by using Conga instead, and even Chic Franzie Boys is a cheeky take on McSleazy. So it's great to screw around with stuff. I'm sensitive to the idea of artistic "theft" of course -- one of my first "mini-hits" was a version of Fatboy Slim's Satisfaction Skank, which, when I posted it to my web site, caused a huge backlash because people thought I was taking credit for the original idea, whereas I was just doing my own version without ever having heard his (this was before mp3s kiddies). So the lesson I learned there was it pays to be clear in your attributions, but obviously Mr. Mang has done so here.

As far as the work itself, there are some nice little moments throughout, the Travis chorus makes for some interesting, countrified harmonies with the vocals. I always liked "Sing," honestly. I might say structurally this is a bit loose, what with the 4 bar/2 bar structure of the Green Day/Oasis verses getting out of sync with the 8-bar of the Travis, and the vocal overlaps could be modulated a bit more carefully, but the overall atmosphere is quite nice.


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