Conan Osíris ft Cranberries - A Lost Generation (VideoMash)

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Conan Osíris ft Cranberries - A Lost Generation (VideoMash)

Post Tue Apr 09, 2019 6:57 pm

Here It Is: A "videoclip" from my most recent mashup, containing:

Cranberries - Zombie (instrumental, chorus' vocals)
Conan Osíris - Telemóveis (most of the vocal part, in portuguese)

phpBB [media]

Btw, Telemóveis means Cellphones in portuguese, but stands for Smartphones in this peculiar case, because it represents something that manipulates us, though being frail... just like our own spirit (and maybe being the main reason why it's a meme here on my homeland... besides the choreography, of course)

And YES, all sources were from PhonicMind! :1grin:
When silly crosses serious... GladiLord is always near. :1grin:

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