Tonight's Mashup-Papa, It's Too Late To Say It's Frozen (v2)

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Tonight's Mashup-Papa, It's Too Late To Say It's Frozen (v2)

Post Sat Jan 16, 2010 1:56 am

[ Posting version 2 after some very helpful & constructive feedback from the MashStix team -- thanks guys! :D ]


A presentation of TONIGHT'S MASHUP (DJ TM) ... its-frozen

Track Title:
((Papa, It's Too Late To Say It's Frozen)) (Nelly Furtado vs. Madonna vs. One Republic (feat. Timbaland) vs. Lady Gaga)

Sources Used (in order of appearance):
Nelly Furtado- Say It Right (Instrumental)
Nelly Furtado- Say It Right (Acappella)
Madonna- Frozen (Acappella)
One Republic feat. Timbaland- Apologize (Acappella)
Lady Gaga- Paparazzi (Acappella)

The idea for this mashup really came when I'd hear "Paparazzi" on the radio and think I was hearing the opening beats of "Say It Right"...and vice versa. That led me to wonder whether Timbaland had a hand in both productions (I know he did Say It Right because you can hear, or whatever that thing is he does in the background). That made me wonder what One Republic's "Apologize" (another Timbaland track, complete with...yes, that trademark barking) would sound like alongside those two...and suddenly you've got yourselves a mashup! The idea for Madonna's "Frozen" came later, and I flirted with using "Papa, Dont Preach" as well but decided against it. The key would have worked (and I've always thought "Frozen" sounds like a re-composing of "Papa Don't Preach" anyway) but I couldn't really find the theme I wanted.

I like trying to create a theme, or even a story, in the songs I mashup if I can, even if they wind up sounding like something from an overblown Broadway musical. This one is no exception. The "scene" is the guy who's all crushed because his passive-agressive girlfriend says she needs him "but then you go and cut me down." He's hanging by a thread but is basically done with her. She, for her part, feels like he's totally shut off might say..."frozen." She's decided to follow him around like a pathetic puppy until he changes his mind.

Enjoy & Thanks!

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