(!)YITT - Let Fire And Rain Be (James Taylor vs. Beatles)

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(!)YITT - Let Fire And Rain Be (James Taylor vs. Beatles)

Post Sun Jun 28, 2020 1:37 pm


YITT - Let Fire And Rain Be (James Taylor vs. Beatles)


Instrumental/vocals: James Taylor - Fire And Rain
Vocals: Beatles - Let It Be

I subscribe to a channel on YouTube, 'Digital Split', that uploads a lot of rock song stems, and often I'll find more obscure gems, like a James Taylor song. Pairing his amazing song with the Beatles really is a no lose situation, both amazing songwriters and musicians.

There is also history behind the 2 acts' relation. James Taylor was signed to the Beatles' record company, Apple Records, after he auditioned himself by playing the Beatles song 'Something In The Way' for Paul and George. It was here when they saw his talent and signed him, Taylor then becoming the first American artist on Apple Records, going on to be a highly successful artist.

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Direct link: https://sowndhaus.audio/track/17127/jam ... itt-mashup

Download: https://sowndhaus.audio/uploads/tracks/ ... 506053.mp3
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Re: YITT - Let Fire And Rain Be (James Taylor vs. Beatles)

Post Tue Jun 30, 2020 1:49 am

Ah yes, "Digital Split" of the YouTube Relocation Program (formerly known by a variety of aliases resembling the name John Phelps!)

As far as the track, it sounds great! The Ping Pongs and the vocal interplay really brought the track to life!


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