[FP]DJSires-I Don’t Want to Start Now (Dua Lipa x Aerosmith)

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Re: (!)DJ Sires-I Don’t Want to Start Now (Dua Lipa x Aerosm

Post Thu Feb 13, 2020 1:35 am

Male more relaxed now.
Her vocals are enough, but I like her laugh about 2'44
There is her 'oh no' that fits at 0.15 as a comment on his first line.
Her "If you wanna SOMETHING.." can be shortened to just "if you wanna" (as a reaction on his: i dont wanna.)
Maybe a "if if if" edit can also work, as her reactuin to his promiss (I don't know the lyric) that he will do this IF she does that.
So I mean just short bits of her voice between his lines, maybe even from another dua lipa song or an youtube interview (you know savethevideo.com to convert to wav or 320, right?).
My idea woild be: they are in a breakup fight, or a try again session (started by him), or a live duet, with her reacting on his 'sales talk'' from that idea , read her full lyric and pick words and parts you can use (in an unintended wayhaha)

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Re: (!)DJ Sires-I Don’t Want to Start Now (Dua Lipa x Aerosm

Post Sun Feb 16, 2020 1:28 pm

Another great combination with "Don't Start Now" :1rolleyes:

In version 3 there are really some minor spots where the vocals can be aligned better, it's really so minor and it sounds very good either way, I wouldn't hold my recommend for that, good work, Dj Sires, this one deserves my medal, congrats :1wink:


EDIT: sorry for the cover, dude, I guess the FP submission page didn't like the hearthis image address :1cry:

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Re: [FP]DJSires-I Don’t Want to Start Now (Dua Lipa x Aerosm

Post Mon Feb 17, 2020 4:33 pm

WOW! I'm honored! I'm still working on a final version with a few small tweaks for HDC. I'll post it here when I'm done. A facebook link to the image is included below if that works better.



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