CVS-My Dougie Is On Fire (CSD+B.Springsteen)

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CVS-My Dougie Is On Fire (CSD+B.Springsteen)

Post Mon Sep 02, 2019 2:24 am

Cali Swag District ft. Michelle Obama (see art) - Teach Me How To Dougie (acapella) E major
Bruce Springsteen - I'm On Fire (instrumental) E major 89 bpm
My two favorite Bruce songs both have 'fire' in their titles. And I love the Dougie rap.
Some dirty or dubious words ('burner' phone?).

Thanks Satis5d for your review on version 2.

version 3:
- replaced Multi Tap delay in v1 with splitting mental in L+R on separate channels with slight delay of Right track, this makes Left channel seem louder and compensated for that with 0.4 dB lower volume.
- extended the mental at a later point in the mashup.
- after split, took out a number of the small (milliseconds) timing corrections in pella
- gainstaging: much higher volume for rap, much lower volume for the mental-tracks, kept send reverb channel low as well to keep pella from 'moving to the back of the stage'.
- Fletcher Munson (= loudness) EQ-curve on the vocal, but with a not-so-deep EQ-dip around 4.000 Hz as in the original Acid-preset.
- put the art and mental on dropbox instead of Sowndhaus. Maybe Sowndhaus does something to the sound that the Mashstix-MP3-player does not like ?

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to compare, older version(s) below

version 2: (version 1 was not published)
- varispeeded rap up, put rap outro in the intro, reverb on the new outro (hello SgtMash!)
- used bars 2-16 from mental twice, Sony Multi Tap delay to stereo-ize this karaoke version.
- small timing corrections on the pella,

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Re: CVS-My Dougie Is On Fire (CSD+B.Springsteen)

Post Mon Sep 09, 2019 4:47 pm

I like the combination, but the mastering quality isn't up to your usual high standards. :1undecided:
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Re: CVS-My Dougie Is On Fire (CSD+B.Springsteen)

Post Tue Sep 10, 2019 3:07 am

Thanks Satis5d, I worked on the mastering and sound and put a new version in the O.P. now hosted on Dropbox.

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