2 Centuries 2 Rap (Dj Kal)

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2 Centuries 2 Rap (Dj Kal)

Post Wed Jun 26, 2019 3:36 pm

So this is a little different because I actually need a hand here as I feel like I'm going ear blind or something. This is "2 Centuries 2 Rap" (Fall Out Boy vs. Everyone), which is accidentally modeled almost exactly like "Centuries of Rap" by DJ Shades. I say accidentally because I made about half of it, ran across their mash, and went "Well f**k... Eh, screw it. It's different songs over top so I'll finish it and call it a sequel." :1laugh:

Anyway, the problem is I literally can't tell what's good and what's bad in this mix anymore. While setting everything up I just left the keys alone and decided I'd fix it at the end. Now I've gotten to the end and fixed the keys and everything sounds just different enough that I can't tell if it's better or worse. Part of the problem is that most of the songs have rappers with little tonality in their voices, and I know that.

So do me a favor, give it a listen. Tell me what parts you like, what parts you don't, and I'll have a go at fixing it up and release it soon. Deal?

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Re: 2 Centuries 2 Rap (Dj Kal)

Post Fri Jul 05, 2019 3:20 am

Your MP3-preview does not work; maybe you have to change the WWW to DL (like I do when I link to dropbox).
I like the amount of rapsongs you put in - but without a tracklist I loose track where I am when listening and reviewing, and your megamix gets less attention from the community.
There are hard/agressive raps and more mellow ones, the mental has also loud (guitar?) and softer parts - I have a feeling that for instance laidback Snoop Dogg would fit better on a quieter part. I like the interchange and changes between the two kinds.
I love the PIMP wordplay between rap 1+2 (but it raises expectations about the other combo's you will be making in this mashup haha).
The message @1:57 sounds distorted, but i like the cutups you made.
I understand the censorship @1:50 but it is a glaring gap, you can mask it with a scratch sound ?
In my experience the more agressive rappers are a tiny bit ahead of the beat (and for instance @0:25 I would expect the new rap to come in a tiny bit earlier).
The more relaxed rappers (Snoop Dogg) are usually a bit behind of the beat (mind you, as a Dutchman I can listen to rap without really hearing the content).
I love the ending, and like that you went back to Fiddy Cent. The intro placement of PIMP surprised me in a good way, in the outro it feels more usual.
Great work, but you downplay it a bit by not mentioning all used sources.

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Re: 2 Centuries 2 Rap (Dj Kal)

Post Sun Jul 07, 2019 6:42 pm

Unfortunately, The melodic sections are not in key with the instrumental.

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