(!) Closer Liar On Fire (Imagine Dragons/Kings of Leon/NIN)

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(!) Closer Liar On Fire (Imagine Dragons/Kings of Leon/NIN)

Post Sun Jun 02, 2019 8:32 pm

Dj Kal - Closer Liar On Fire (Imagine Dragons vs. Kings of Leon vs Nine Inch Nails)

Bad Liar - Imagine Dragons
Sex On Fire - Kings of Leon
Closer - Nine Inch Nails

Oh man, how have I just never posted here? And how do I already have an account? :1huh:

Anyway, this mash will probably be a bit like what I'm talking about above at first glance. It's Imagine Dragons providing the baseline and Kings of Leon giving you those passionate vocals and then Nine Inch Nails comes out of the back and hits you with the sultry gravitas. You'll understand when you hear it. :1wink:

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Re: Closer Liar On Fire (Dj Kal / MashupKAL)

Post Tue Jun 04, 2019 6:22 pm

Indeed, how you're not a regular poster here is practically a crime. :1rolleyes:

Welcome aboard! Your first mashup is a B-U-T (as in "beauty"). The NIN parts almost sound OOK (out of key) but they aren't, it's just all the voodoo that NIN does with their voices to make them never really sound like they are pitch-perfect.

Excellent mash. I highly recommend. Go home and bring more! :1laugh:


PS: I took the liberty of fixing up your post so that it's just right. Take a look under the hood to see what I did there. The MP3 preview comes from right-clicking the download button of your SowndHaus track and selecting "copy link location". :1cool:
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