Mashstix Mash-Off #75 | SYNTHWAVE

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Mashstix Mash-Off #75 | SYNTHWAVE

Post Fri May 31, 2019 5:27 pm


Synthwave (also called outrun, retrowave and futuresynth) is a genre of electronic music influenced by 1980s film soundtracks and video games. Beginning in the mid 2000s, the genre developed from various niche communities on the Internet, reaching wider popularity in the early 2010s. In its music and cover artwork, synthwave engages in retrofuturism, emulating 1980s science fiction, action, and horror media, sometimes compared to cyberpunk. It expresses nostalgia for 1980s culture, attempting to capture the era's atmosphere and celebrate it. (Wikipedia)

We've talked about the idea of doing a synthwave compilation at some point. Why not get the ball rolling by making it this month's contest? I'm sure we'll garner some excellent material for a compilation album this way.

If you're not sure what Synthwave is from the description above, think STAR MAN! Image
STAR MAN's SowndHaus page (look for the stars so you don't confuse his stuff with YITT's)

Your assignment this month is to create a kick-butt mashup using a synthwave instrumental. (Many synthwave songs don't have vocals to begin with, so finding material is very easy.) This month's contest has a special rule... YOU MAY ENTER AS OFTEN AS YOU LIKE. Just keep in mind that your mixes will compete against each other for supremacy in the contest. I'm allowing for extra submissions to help with the compilation. So enter often!

Here are some of my favorite Synthwave artists for you to consider:
The Midnight:
Sunglasses Kid:

Of course, this just scratches the surface. You can find a LOT more here.
If you're interested in participating but can't seem to find good content, hit me up with a personal message and I'll do my best to hook you up.


At the start of every month, the (newly entitled) Emperor of MashStix posts a thread containing details of the challenge, for Example: 'Mashups 90bpm or slower with the theme of love'. They should also include the '5-Step Description' and the 'FAQ'.
The post will then shortly be stickied to the top of the 'Submit Mashups' section for all to see and respond to with their entries. Entries must be in by the 20th.
A vote will be created within that thread for everyone to vote on who should win and become the new Emperor (the vote can be created by the current emperor so please don't wait for a mod to do it as we are a busy people)
On the 27th (or a day of the month at the current emperor's choice) the poll shall end and the new emperor will be chosen.

The winning track will then be featured on the Frontpage!


> How should I post my mashup?
Entries are to be posted in the thread using the players in the same way as you would on the main Mashstix board (i.e. via Dropbox, Hearthis, SoundCloud or your own webspace), including details of the tracks used.

> Can I use a mashup that I've made previously?
No, that would be cheating!

> What if there is a tie!?
All ties will be settled by the Emperor (sounds like a worthy title now, doesn't it?)

> I didn't win, what can I do with my mashup?
If you are particularly proud of your mashup but didn't win then feel free to post your mashup in the 'Submit Mashup' section as you ordinarily would.

> What do I do if I'm confused??
Private Message one of the moderators for assistance. Start with the Emperor.

> So the Emperor gets to choose the next challenge and settle a tiebreaker, anything else?
The Emperor will attain limitless glory for all of eternity (and bragging rights)
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Re: Mashstix Mash-Off #75 | SYNTHWAVE

Post Sun Jun 02, 2019 12:55 am


Here is my first Mash-up ever.

Imagine Dragons vs. John Carpenter - Escape From Thunder ... om-thunder

Imagine Dragons - "Thunder" (Acapella)
John Carpenter - Theme from "Escape From New York"



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Synthwave? I'm On It!

Post Mon Jun 03, 2019 7:17 pm

Mashup Name: A Melodia Do Mar Vermelho (or Red Sea Melody, for those who don't like nativities)


Ok, this warmup mashup is about a lady from the Asian side of the Red Sea waiting for her beloved one to return from the other side (the African side)... under a blood moon day.

Dulce Pontes - Canção do Mar (DIY vocals, some "artifacts")
Dance With The Dead - Red Moon (instrumental)

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Re: Mashstix Mash-Off #75 | SYNTHWAVE

Post Wed Jun 05, 2019 2:56 am


A Stronger Break EXPLICIT
I can't believe I am doing this usually I detest competitions, But this mix turned out great.

Sources Used
Kanye West ft Daft Punk Stronger Acapella and Stems
FM-84 Bend & Break Instrumental

Haha My first Rap mashup here at least on this account!

Download and listen below! ... h.mp3?dl=0

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Re: Mashstix Mash-Off #75 | SYNTHWAVE

Post Thu Jun 06, 2019 9:28 pm

satis5d | Nothing Stopping the Brave
Lebrock vs. Vicetone ft. Kat Nestel

Lebrock - Only The Brave (instrumental)
Vicetone - Nothing Stopping Me Now (Kat Nestel acapella)

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Download here
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