(!) Come This Way Together (Michael Jackson vs. RUN-DMC)

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Re: (!) Come This Way Together (Michael Jackson vs. RUN-DMC)

Post Sun Mar 31, 2019 10:21 pm

The ultimate crossover--the implications of MJ covering a Beatles song over an Aerosmith/RUN DMC collaboration are mind-blowing! The Joan Jett sections work nicely too.

I do have some constructive feedback for this one:

I hear what satis5d is saying and I’m not sure you’ve solved it in V2, but I don’t think it’s a huge issue. You could do some creative stuff to make the harmony work better there (I have a couple of ideas of course), but it’s not a deal breaker for me personally.

The first verse, however, is OOK. The instrumental section you used there is in C, just like the chorus, unlike the rest of the song which is in E. The second verse, around 1:01 is back in E just like Michael’s vocals.

Problem is, it would be pretty repetitive to stay in E the whole time, so inserting the Aerosmith chorus another time or two could be a good idea.

I’m guessing that MJ vocal has the crowd noise in it? Those vocals are pretty thin and mono and don’t sit great in the mix for me. Could maybe use some low to mid frequency boosting and stereo widening, though I don’t know how manipulatable it is, being a live recording… :1undecided:

Joan’s last “meeee” cuts off a bit abruptly too. Easy fix.

The last minute breakdown with Joan and MJ over the drums was a highlight for me, though!


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