[FP] The Black Keys Vs. Hasley - Fever line

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Re: (!) The Black Keys Vs. Hasley - Fever line

Post Sat Mar 09, 2019 7:31 am

DRA'man wrote:
SMASH wrote:I'm sorry again for the late response :1embarassed:

SgtMash wrote:If you can stomach a quick fiddle why not try bring the vocal down -8/-12 cents (the little bitty ones not big ones) I think it'll sit better feeling just under rather than straining a bit sharp (specially when the harmony joins).

There is something about Sgt's comment, I wasn't sure the first time, DRA'man, can you check that point please?

I tried but i can't hear the difference ... so it will stay as it is.
Thanks for comments

I took another listen, I will accept version 2, congrats :1smiley:



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