[FRONTPAGED] mARKYbOY - Lovely 2 CU Human (Goldfrapp vs ...

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[FRONTPAGED] mARKYbOY - Lovely 2 CU Human (Goldfrapp vs ...

Post Sun Jan 03, 2010 1:33 am

Lovely 2 CU Human
Goldfrapp vs The Killers

Lovely 2CU Human.jpg

Hi New Forum!
A little electronica for you, using Goldfrapp's 'Lovely 2 CU' instrumental and The Killers 'Human' vocals.

Get it here:


Hope you like it!

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Re: mARKYbOY - Lovely 2 CU Human (Goldfrapp vs The Killers)

Post Tue Jan 05, 2010 11:47 pm


I'm gonna give you a mini review because..... well... you deserve it bud :D

First of all let me say that out of your two subs, this one is the keeper for sure. No offense about the "Don't Upset The Crush" one but I couldnt make it all the way through on that one.... Why? well, I love them 80's but that pellas is just horrible. I think I'd rather take a listen to katie perry than hear the Jets.... So it's a little unfair for me to say if that one is good or not.

Moving on.....

On the Lovely 2CU Human one... I think I have an idea of what you were going for and it so almost worked. This could of been a legenedary track...... not at all your fault as basics were perfect as well as everything else really. Shame that the Killers just didnt give me that same feeling during the verse as I got during the chorus. But 8 outa 10 in my book bud!

A couple of other things I wanted to mention.....

I noticed that you switched your previews to Fairtilizer ... 8-) which is a super good move.... looks very sleak and it really does beat all the crap free file hosts we got used to over the last few years... (No, Fairtilizer doesn't pay me to say that. lol.... even though they should,... hmm, that gives me an idea). Alright back to the review... The cover art is very awesome and made me chuckle a bit. And the track name is spot on! I absolutely love it when djs play with the titles and combine them into something eye catching. So very nice bud.

I do wish this had the same oomph that the idea behind it intended.. for example, I really liked how "Dj Fac- Mr. Player etc. (Pet Shop Boys vs. Stephanie Carcache)" track used the electro vibe to just go with it.... he didnt hold back and absolutly even crushed it during the verse..... picture a room with 10 latinas in it.... now hit play..... that's right, ass flying all over the place. haha.

So great job overall Marky!


- Paul Stix

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Re: [FRONTPAGED] mARKYbOY - Lovely 2 CU Human (Goldfrapp vs ...

Post Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:20 am

This is sooo good!
10 points out of 5 from me for using Goldfrapp.

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Re: [FRONTPAGED] mARKYbOY - Lovely 2 CU Human (Goldfrapp vs ...

Post Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:56 am

Thanks for the comments guys.

Paul - sorry to hear that you don't like The Jets mate, I hated the tune first time around but have now grown to like it after mashing it a couple of times!

Billig - 10 outta 5! Cool score, glad you like it bud!

Thanks all for having a listen - always appreciated.


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