**Mashstix: How to Post Your Track (Please Read)**

Post your music productions here and get feedback from the Stix community - If you get enough positive feedback or if we really like your work, we'll post it on the front page!
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Re: **Mashstix: How to Post Your Track (Please Read)**

Post Thu Mar 24, 2016 10:34 am

We'll probably need an overhaul of the upload policy now that upload bans are being enforced on Hearthis.at.

In fact, expanding the policy to include any cloud sharing site (not upload site) with a direct link may be a start.

EDIT: Also any legitimate audio sharing site that allows direct links (Hearthis, Orfium, YungCloud, others).

EDIT 2: These "upload bans" are more like deterrents for now, but may not be for long.

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Re: **Mashstix: How to Post Your Track (Please Read)**

Post Wed Jun 01, 2016 6:32 am

check out this new host, for and by the mashup community: https://sowndhaus.com

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Post Wed Jun 29, 2016 8:01 am

Here are detailed instructions as to how you can get a file that you've posted at sowndhaus.com to display and function here at Mashstix. This post will be updated when better information is available.

STEP ONE: Show us your cover art

Unless you are editing the subject line (which you are free to do for your posts) the first thing everyone wants to see is your cover art. Assuming you have uploaded a graphic file at Sownhaus, here is how you get that part to display.

a) In your mashstix posting, click the "Img" button along the top. (It's in the middle) This will give you the image brackets and put the flashing vertical bar in-between them like this ([ img]|[/img ]).
b) In your sowndhaus posting, isolate the song you want to post at mashstix by either clicking on the cover art, or the title.
c) Now that you can only see the one track in sowndhaus, click on the small cover art image again. It should reveal a much larger image.
d) Right-click anywhere on the large cover art graphic and select "Copy Image Location"
e) Go back to mashstix, and paste what you've just copied into the gap between the [ img] brackets. It should look something like this:
[ img]http://sowndhaus.com/thumb.php?src=1736236220_844714135_1822556490.jpg&t=m&w=650&h=650[/img ]

Your cover art is ready to go!

STEP TWO: Set up the mp3 preview

Between the last step and this one is a great place to put all the interesting details about your song, including the name, contributing artists and links to the music on youtube or soundcloud for the rest of us to hear the "before" parts. Then you want to let us listen to the music you made.

a) In your mashstix post, click the "MP3PREVIEW" button at the top of the posting. You will see something like this: [ MP3PREVIEW]|[/MP3PREVIEW ] with the flashing bar in the center again.
b) Go back to your isolated track in sowndhaus and right-click the download button (it has an arrow pointing down into what looks like a tray) and select "Copy Link Location"
c) In your mashstix post, paste what you just copied between the MP3PREVIEW brackets.
It should look something like this
[ mp3preview]https://sowndhaus.com/uploads/tracks/1058114793_1959790100_1765369896.mp3[/mp3preview ]

That's all there is to the mp3 preview, nothing more to add or change, which is nice.

STEP THREE: Include a download link

This is the part that still needs some fine-tuning. I haven't figured out a way to create a link which brings up the download window and allows you to download the file with the proper name. So here are the best options currently available:

OPTION 1: the direct, but awkward approach

This option will allow you to grab the mp3 directly from mashstix, but you will need to rename the file as it will come up with a long number as the file name.
a) In mashstix, click the "URL" button at the top of the posting.
b) Go to sowndhaus and right-click the download button again (if it's still in memory, you can skip this step) select "Copy Link Location"
c) Paste the link in between the URL brackets in mashstix.
d) (OPTIONAL) If you want to change what the link says you can change the first [url ] to [ url= and then put the right bracket after what you've pasted, then type your message between the right bracket (]) and the left-bracket of the second "/url" brackets, which would look something like this:
standard method:
[ url]https://sowndhaus.com/uploads/tracks/1058114793_1959790100_1765369896.mp3[/url ]
fancy method:
[ url=https://sowndhaus.com/uploads/tracks/1058114793_1959790100_1765369896.mp3]Your message here[/url ]

OPTION 2: the indirect, but elegant approach

This option will take you directly to sowndhaus where you can click the download button and get the track as you would expect it to work.
a) Isolate the track in sowndhaus.
b) Copy the web address from your browser's address bar.
c) Paste this link into your mashstix post. You can do this more elegantly using the "URL" method shown above.

That's it. You're done.
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Re: **Mashstix: How to Post Your Track (Please Read)**

Post Wed Jun 29, 2016 10:10 am

Basically to upload a track from Sowndhaus, its the same way you would with hearthis.
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