NaruRolled Ao Cubo (AKA "Cubical NaruRolled") - Mashup Album

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NaruRolled Ao Cubo (AKA "Cubical NaruRolled") - Mashup Album

Post Thu Sep 13, 2018 2:56 pm

This is my 3rd album, made last year. Hope you enjoy it, since it's main theme is a very famous anime called Naruto.

Now, just some disclaimers before any further misunderstoods:

- This mashup album has some Portuguese tracks on it (half of the album, actually): it's INTENTIONAL, since the secondary theme here at spotlight is my mother language music, covers or originals;
- Some of the tracks seems a bit off: that's intentional, too, since this album is the followup of the previous ones ("NaruRolled", in which has mostly troll mashups » "Squared NaruRolled", which has way more serious mashups), mashing therefore both ^^ ;
- I'm reposting this, since I've uploaded each of the tracks individually at Sowndhaus, to make a playlist and separated DL for those.
- The order is descendant, in case of doubt, so it starts at "As Mártires Da Ribeira Do Sado".

Hope you enjoy it!
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