Bootstock The Movie 2019

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Bootstock The Movie 2019

Post Thu Aug 15, 2019 4:10 am

DJ Zebra's Bootstock (Woodstock Remixed)
Created and Mixed by DJ Zebra in June 2009 for the Zebramix radio show which aired on July 6th 2009 on Virgin Radio France for the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock Festival held between 15th and 17th August 1969
Audio Bootlegs made by DJ Zebra, Electrosound, Mighty Mike and Totom

Bootstock The Movie 2019
online today 15th August, 50 years to the day since the Woodstock Festival started and 10 years since DJ Zebra made the original bootlegs for it with help from Electrosound, Mighty Mike and ToToM

All Videos created by BorisB 2009/2019
except Daft Rain Chant whch was by Addictive TV in 2009 (2019 remaster by BorisB)

The movie comes in 2 parts for easy download in MPEG2 format ready to burn to DVD or if you want there is also a ready made DVD which can be downloaded so you can burn it to disc yourself, plus there is also the original audio which I've edited back into a seamless file, which is as it should be heard and can be downloaded as MP3, WAV or FLAC.

The movie is now seamless with no credits until the very end and is just under an hour long. There is also the individual videos, some of which are a little different to the one's in the movie and they can also be downloaded.
I did make the original movie back in 2009 but to be honest it was crap :1laugh: so if you have a copy please destroy it :1rolleyes:

all this can be found via my web site and hosted by the

this is part 1, you can find everything you need on my web site
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- COUNTRY JOE McDONALD "The Fish Cheer" vs. BIG SOUL "Hippy Hippy Shake" + vocals by THE JACKSON 5, BEASTIE BOYS + MICHEL DELPECH & LAURENT VOULZY "Wight is Wight"
- Canned Heat introduction
- CANNED HEAT "Going Up The Country" vs. MC SOLAAR "Bouge De Là"
- It's A Free Concert
- RICHIE HAVENS "Freedom" vs. CHARLIE WINSTON "Like A Hobo" vs. YAZOO "Don't Go" (Divide & Kreate Remix) + additional Beats and Effects
- COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH "Rock & Soul Music" vs. MISSY ELLIOTT "Get Your Freak On" vs. PEACHES "Rock Show"
- Bad Acid
- ARLO GUTHRIE "Coming Into Los Angeles" vs. RICK JAMES "Superfreak" + additional Drums
- Stephen Stills introduction
- CROSBY, STILLS & NASH "Wooden Ships" vs. THE POLICE "Walking On The Moon"
- Yoga Teacher
- THE WHO "See Me, Feel Me" + Guitars, Bass, Beats and Effects played by Zebra + additional
Drums by FUNKADELIC "Good Old Music"
- THE WHO "We"re Not Gonna Take It (Overture)" vs. ARETHA FRANKLIN "Who's Zooming Who" + additional Vocals by LILY ALLEN
- Good Night + Joe Cocker introduction
- JOE COCKER "With A Little Help From My Friends" vs. QUEEN "We Will Rock You" vs. SOULWAX "NY Excuse" (Zebra Edit)
- Rainstorm and Announcements
- CROWD RAIN CHANT vs. DAFT PUNK "Indo Silver Club"
- SANTANA "Soul Sacrifice" vs. GOSSIP "Standing In The Way Of Control" vs. FREE "Alright Now"
- The Body Is Beautiful
- TEN YEARS AFTER "I'm Going Home" vs. JACK PENATE "Kiss" + additional Bass by JET + additional Beats
- Good Morning
additional Drums by LCD SOUND SYSTEM and FREESTYLERS
- Max Yasgur
- SLY & THE FAMILY STONE "I Want To Take You Higher" vs. FATBOY SLIM "Fucking In Heaven" vs. MEKON "D-Funktional"
- Jimi Hendrix introduction
- JIMI HENDRIX "Voodoo Chile" vs. BEASTIE BOYS "Sure Shot" + additional Drums
- JIMI HENDRIX "Star Spangled Banner" (Zebra "Dub" Edit)
- JIMI HENDRIX "Villanova Junction" vs. STEREOPHONICS "Maybe Tomorrow" + additional Drums by BLACK HEAT
- Thank You So Very Much

one of the individual tracks which can also be downloaded
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the original audio by DJ Zebra
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