DJ Earworm - Policy Of Sweet Dreams

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DJ Earworm - Policy Of Sweet Dreams

Post Thu Jul 12, 2018 11:26 am

made this one last year and i'm pretty much only making videos for old mashups these days apart from one or two exceptions
phpBB [media]

Depeche Mode vs Eurythmics
Mashup by DJ Earworm
Video Mashup BorisB
back when he made real mashups :1laugh:
you can grab the video files below ... weetDreams

you may notice the player plays again after the video finishes. the second one is the one archive process from the master file i upload the first one to play is the mp4 i upped along with the mpeg2 file which is a higher bit rate (2500k) as opposed to the one the archive make which is just 700k. i'm still uploading all my videos to the archive, 90 so far about another 100 or so to go and then i can start releasing new one's again :1rolleyes:

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