Mashstix Mash-Off #82 - Make Me Laugh

Post your music productions here and get feedback from the Stix community - If you get enough positive feedback or if we really like your work, we'll post it on the front page!
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Mashstix Mash-Off #82 - Make Me Laugh

Post Wed Jan 01, 2020 2:46 pm


Let's start the decade with a smile :1smiley:

The Rules

The rules are simple: make a funny mashup!

Feel free to explain the joke if you think an explanation is needed.
Keep in mind that the winner is not necessarily the best mashup, but the funniest one.

Oh yeah... The forum doesn't seem to be very active recently so let's try something:
Each participant can submit as many mashups as he likes!
The more entries, the better your chances of winning :1cool:

So go crazy and good luck!



At the start of every month, the (newly entitled) Emperor of MashStix posts a thread containing details of the challenge, for Example: 'Mashups 90bpm or slower with the theme of love'. They should also include the '5-Step Description' and the 'FAQ'.
The post will then shortly be stickied to the top of the 'Submit Mashups' section for all to see and respond to with their entries. Entries must be in by the 20th.
A vote will be created within that thread for everyone to vote on who should win and become the new Emperor (the vote can be created by the current emperor so please don't wait for a mod to do it as we are a busy people)
On the 27th (or a day of the month at the current emperor's choice) the poll shall end and the new emperor will be chosen.

The winning track will then be featured on the Frontpage!


> How should I post my mashup?
Entries are to be posted in the thread using the players in the same way as you would on the main Mashstix board (i.e. via Dropbox, Hearthis, SoundCloud or your own webspace), including details of the tracks used.

> Can I use a mashup that I've made previously?
No, that would be cheating!

> What if there is a tie!?
All ties will be settled by the Emperor (sounds like a worthy title now, doesn't it?)

> I didn't win, what can I do with my mashup?
If you are particularly proud of your mashup but didn't win then feel free to post your mashup in the 'Submit Mashup' section as you ordinarily would.

> What do I do if I'm confused??
Private Message one of the moderators for assistance. Start with the Emperor.

> So the Emperor gets to choose the next challenge and settle a tiebreaker, anything else?
The Emperor will attain limitless glory for all of eternity (and bragging rights)

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Re: Mashstix Mash-Off #82 - Make Me Laugh

Post Thu Jan 02, 2020 11:09 pm


ZooKreeper - The Rest Is Entertaining (Linkin Park vs Scott Joplin)

Linkin Park - Leave Out All the Rest (instrumental and acapella)
Scott Joplin - The Entertainer (instrumental)

I felt a little dirty making this, tbh :1laugh: Hope it gets a chuckle out of someone!

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HEH! Let's Get (a bit) Retarded!

Post Mon Jan 13, 2020 8:58 am

Mashup Name: Evangivaldo (The Ocean Bullfighter) [Eduardo Mourato vs Chayanne]


Legend says there were 3 people walking on water so far: Jesus, Peter and Evangivaldo (an Azorean poor soul caught in the middle of a bull parade fest from Terceira, an Island from Azores region)...

BUT... Only Evangivaldo was proven to be capable of, not only "running" above waters, but also defeating a bull, somehow, while doing it!

Eduardo Mourato - The Blue Ocean (vocals)
Chayanne - Torero (instrumental)

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DL It Here!
When silly crosses serious... GladiLord is always near. :1grin:

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Re: Mashstix Mash-Off #82 - Make Me Laugh

Post Thu Jan 16, 2020 6:23 am

From both ends of my musical taste, I combine the King and Queen, adding ridiculous reverb to the famously dry We Will Rock You.
Nat Cole senior's L-O-V-E is what makes the world turn around and all you need to begin with, so I hear.
Some repeat edits from very short pella to fill up middle mental part, going NSFW (yeah you know me) around 1:08 by putting new things in Freddie's mouth. :1wink: overlapping parts of two one syllable words from this pella.

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Re: Mashstix Mash-Off #82 - Make Me Laugh

Post Sun Jan 19, 2020 11:56 am

Michael Brun & Dirty Twist vs LMFAO vs Bruno Mars - Sexy Hot Woo (Ronko's 'John the Stripper' Mash)
Never a better time to share a mash my mate asked me to do for him when he was doing a charity strip (yes i'm aware of how weird this situation sounds :1laugh: )

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Michael Brun & Dirty Twist - Woo (Instrumental)
LMFAO - Sexy & I Know It (Acapella)
Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk (Acapella)
Lee Cabrera - Shake It (Acapella)
plus samples

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