Mashstix Mashoff #80 - Slooooowwwwhand Stars on 33 rpm

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Mashstix Mashoff #80 - Slooooowwwwhand Stars on 33 rpm

Post Tue Oct 29, 2019 4:05 pm

For the november Mashoff #80 you have to play one of the sources (probably the instrumental, but you choose) at 33 RPM instead of 45 RPM.
Using varispeed this will also lower the pitch of the track. DJs in Belgium used this trick at end of the 80s (!!!) to change overfast electronic songs into 'new beat' (for example The Sound of C by Confetti's).

Later, other DJs used tgis slow, 'fat' sound to change fast house tracks into latin-tinted 'moombahton' (for instance Moombahteam from the Netherlands, playing around 100 to 110 bpm). Here is a ive mix in a Dutch radiostudio by them:
The rules:
You have 3 options (chose one of them):
1. Slowdown an instrumental (or pella), varispeeding it to 33/45 part of the original speed. Audacity has a preset to change the speed this way. About 32 percent slower, so about a fifth lower (= 5 x 6%)
2. As (1) but then use the (virtual) pitch slider on your turntable to speed it up 8% like they did in Belgium.
3. As (1), but open the (virtual) turntable, turn the potentiometer with a screwdriver and then change the pitch range from [-8 ---- +8] into [0 --- +16]. So you can speed up the 33 RPM with 16%. This is the Spanish or Italian style.

So the idea is to use an EXTREME slowdown, but you decide whether you go down -32, -24 or -16 (or any slider setting in between).

Good luck! I hope this widens the range of possible combinations for you.

Start mashing..... now!!



At the start of every month, the (newly entitled) Emperor of MashStix posts a thread containing details of the challenge, for Example: 'Mashups 90bpm or slower with the theme of love'. They should also include the '5-Step Description' and the 'FAQ'.
The post will then shortly be stickied to the top of the 'Submit Mashups' section for all to see and respond to with their entries. Entries must be in by the 20th.
A vote will be created within that thread for everyone to vote on who should win and become the new Emperor (the vote can be created by the current emperor so please don't wait for a mod to do it as we are a busy people)
On the 27th (or a day of the month at the current emperor's choice) the poll shall end and the new emperor will be chosen.

The winning track will then be featured on the Frontpage!


> How should I post my mashup?
Entries are to be posted in the thread using the players in the same way as you would on the main Mashstix board (i.e. via Dropbox, Hearthis, SoundCloud or your own webspace), including details of the tracks used.

> Can I use a mashup that I've made previously?
No, that would be cheating!

> What if there is a tie!?
All ties will be settled by the Emperor (sounds like a worthy title now, doesn't it?)

> I didn't win, what can I do with my mashup?
If you are particularly proud of your mashup but didn't win then feel free to post your mashup in the 'Submit Mashup' section as you ordinarily would.

> What do I do if I'm confused??
Private Message one of the moderators for assistance. Start with the Emperor.

> So the Emperor gets to choose the next challenge and settle a tiebreaker, anything else?
The Emperor will attain limitless glory for all of eternity (and bragging rights)

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Re: Mashstix Mashoff #80 - Slooooowwwwhand Stars on 33 rpm

Post Sat Nov 02, 2019 1:54 pm

Ooh, a technically challenging contest. Interested to see who will bite on this.
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Post Thu Nov 07, 2019 9:56 pm

Mashup Name: California Rats


SO... for this contest, I used the 1st method (simple is best :1laugh: ), by considering the normal speed as 45 RPM and reducing it into 33 RPM (guessing it's OK, though some opinions may diverge from here :1undecided: )
And what best way for doing it than doing a late homage to November 1st, All-Saint Day here at Portugal, an holiday that remembers one of the most fierce disasters ever happening in mankind history, happening in Lisbon at that exact day at 1755? Wanted to do some Moonspell-related stuff, but couldn't find anything worth, so I used something similar-sounding...

"The plague is spreaded, and only one ghostly messiah is able to save the world... of destroy it for good... You choose!"

Tupac - California Love (DIY Vocals)
Ghost - Rats (instrumental at 33/45 RPM)

No Flash Installed

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Re: Mashstix Mashoff #80 - Slooooowwwwhand Stars on 33 rpm

Post Fri Nov 08, 2019 10:21 am

That's the way to do it, great that you put in the first submission.
Exactly like I intended it 33/45 speed, to get at new 'crazy' genre combo's.

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