Let The Witches Hit The Carnival (Drowning Pool vs Doremi)

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Let The Witches Hit The Carnival (Drowning Pool vs Doremi)

Post Sat Aug 24, 2019 9:57 am


Here it is: another Happy-Go-Lucky Murder Party! And gosh, this instrumental was hard to isolate properly, since this is an old mashup remake... but only published nowadays, due to priorities. :1wink:

(and before you ask, YES, the title in the image is swapped... that's from the original version, therefore I decided to keep it like that :1tongue: )

ANYWAYS... the description of this:

Imagine if there's no Rock or Metal in music industry... things like this would actually exist in mainstream, for example. ;)

Drowning Pool - Bodies (vocals)
Ojamajo Doremi - Ojamajo Carnival! (DIY instrumental)

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When silly crosses serious... GladiLord is always near. :1grin:

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Re: Let The Witches Hit The Carnival (Drowning Pool vs Dorem

Post Mon Sep 02, 2019 10:52 pm


Great job with the pitch change--when I see “Bodies” I always expect disaster right at that spot. You even made that bridge sound decent!

The pitch change in the second verse (0:56 and 2:34) wasn’t as smooth--I think you missed the first part of the word “end” there. There’s an obvious glitchy sound in there. I’m wondering if that could be done any cleaner…

I can’t nitpick much more than that! It’s pretty rad, dude!

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