[EXPL] Slide It 2 Ya - DMX vs Calvin Harris

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[EXPL] Slide It 2 Ya - DMX vs Calvin Harris

Post Tue May 15, 2018 5:37 am

Hey guys!

Havent posted any of my mashups in a while, so I have a backlog of mashups that needs some TLC from the community! Just played around and came across this combo. I felt that this beat fit nicely with DMX and gave it a more 'upbeat' vibe.

Instrumental: Calvin Harris - Slid
Acapella: DMX - X gon give it to ya

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Re: Slide It 2 Ya - DMX vs Calvin Harris

Post Thu May 17, 2018 12:43 am

The rap is not my taste at all, but with that said, my impression of this mashup is that the energies in each source don't gel.

A genre clash is one thing, but sometimes there's too big of a difference. The instrumental is smooth, funky, soulful and groovy. The rap is crass and aggressive. IMO the music deserves better. This DMX vocal might be better suited to some hard rock / heavy metal.

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Re: [EXPL] Slide It 2 Ya - DMX vs Calvin Harris

Post Thu May 17, 2018 7:05 am

I like rap and rap combo's (other than most people on Mashstix it seems).
Some ideas:
DMX is a bit rough here (rawer than in his Give Me A Sign Lord); you could bleep out all the cursing with a sound/whistle (preferably a sound form Calvin Harris). The amount of required censoring could be funny. (as in: every other word had to be cut out).
- You can soften the vocal in volume;
- make the vocal smaller in stereo width; put some reverb on it.
- maybe change the formants to make him go more female or mickey mousy ?
- You can add repeats (with an echo or delay) on certain parts and cut out some very agressive parts that used to be at that overlapped place.

Or you can make the instrumental rougher;
-by repeating small parts, like a hip hop DJ would to with a two of four bar break repeating it over and over.
- bringing out the bass or snare more with EQ, or overlap another agressive sounding snare (from DMX?)
- distortion on the instrumental.
And you can do both: softer rap, harder instrumental.
And as a last resort: maybe ACDC - back in black (instrumental) fits (I don't have the key ready).
The "give me sign" (acapella) lyrics gave me the impression that DMX stood for Deeply Motivated Xristian; so that could be a second mashup with Calvin to result from this one combo.

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Re: [EXPL] Slide It 2 Ya - DMX vs Calvin Harris

Post Fri May 18, 2018 2:01 am

Hi B romeo.

I like your mashup and i think it deserves more attention. I'm usually agree with G4G's comments, but here , no :1smiley:

maybe the rigging of the acapella could be more precise.

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Re: [EXPL] Slide It 2 Ya - DMX vs Calvin Harris

Post Fri May 18, 2018 4:01 pm

I disagree with G4 as well. You've paired the syncopation well and the energy is similar to what was popular around 2003ish so I find the clashiness acceptable. The vocals need some mixing though. They are lacking high end making them sound a little muffled right now.

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