[FP] Not Here - Apocalypse Prophecy (DUNE vs. BSG)

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Re: [FP] Not Here - Apocalypse Prophecy (DUNE vs. BSG)

Post Sat May 30, 2020 5:04 am

Hi Not Here,
Glad to see you back here on Mashstix.
You will be surprised, looking behind curtains, how many over here use this forum to escape from their daily F.U.S.

With a title and signature like yours in 2014, you obvy (!!) had foresight on this mess in 2020.

Making new combo's, being enthusiastic about uncommon artists (on 'Stix), having a memory of six years, being grateful for advice - and able to make it work: you are one of the Stixers we all love to have here. As a listener, liker, downloader, reviewer, graphics fixer or MUA (mashup artist).
When life gives you lemons, make mashups !
Good luck back to you.


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