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DJ Rozroz - Down Under Nightcall (Men At Work vs. Kavinsky) | Track Page | Mashstix.com
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Kill_mR_DJ said:
this needs some time before it gets to you...
rozroz wrote:as usual, trying to expose the darker side of happy songs :P

and you did, brilliantly :1smiley:
Loved it!

on:  Mar 04 13 1:35: pm
Rhythm Scholar said:
Ahhh! I see you have done some work on taming your Ping Pongs! Nice!

- Rhythm Scholar

on:  Mar 04 13 8:51: pm
rozroz said:
thanks guys!

scholar - it's time for that left ear monthly cleaning ;)
seriously, this is weird. just checked the mix again, the pella itself sounds totally centered.
maybe it's one of those unexplainable mix results, cause i DO feel it's a bit righty in the FULL mix, but once i solo the pella it's perfect.

on:  Mar 05 13 12:34: am
garagara said:
Very good pairing, just a couple of things kept nagging at me here:
- the pella sounded a bit laboured - is it slower than the normal bpm?
- i hated it when the flute came in (or whatever it is) from the Men At Work track, killed the illusion of a mashup for me.
But nice vibe to it :)

on:  Mar 05 13 3:05: am
DRA'man said:
it's good enough for me to recommend it.


on:  Mar 05 13 7:04: am
Rhythm Scholar said:
All ear hygiene humor aside....

this is "good enough"

- Rhythm Scholar

on:  Mar 05 13 11:42: am
rozroz said:
Mr Scholar sir,
thanks for the precise description, but i'm afraid what you hear is already on the original pella, at least in the multitrack i used.
the original pella has a pretty heavy delay FX on it, maybe ping pong indeed.
nothing i can do..
what you got to say about that, mister? :1tongue:

on:  Mar 05 13 12:22: pm
lloyd said:
That delay fx has appeared in every Men At Work mashup that I've heard and it hasn't bothered me once... and I'm not going to let it this time either...


on:  Mar 05 13 3:10: pm
lloyd said:
btw Roei I've asked Paul to sort your name out on the FP because you're credited three ways so far... DJ Rozroz, Rozroz and DJRozroz... so which would you prefer..?

on:  Mar 05 13 3:17: pm
paddywhack said:
Good to see (or hear) that this made the FP. I really liked how well the flute parts worked with the new mental background. Nicely done! Thanks for the share.

on:  Mar 05 13 4:17: pm
rozroz said:
thanks for the FP guys! :1grin:

on:  Mar 06 13 12:40: am
Maez said:
i really like what you've done here! so much atmosphere. good job!

on:  Mar 06 13 3:55: pm
sjoersje said:
As far as Men At Work mashups are concerned, this is way up there with City Down Under for me. Great vibe troughout, I like the more dark sound of this.

on:  Mar 08 13 1:03: am
rozroz said:
my finding of the City Down Under mash was after i finished this.
very crucial cause i would have probably given up on doing it.

on:  Mar 08 13 3:02: am