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Colatron said:
YES! This has me just in the mood for the breaking of Spring, the lighter evenings, the warmer days setting in....

Great work my mate - it's always ace to hear two personal faves in one convenient mash, and I always love to hear the Beatles brought right up to date with some pulsing electro-inde, so this is has to be a RECOMMEND from me!! Love the mixing too - you have a great ear for levels P, and that Beatles vocal can be a little bit 'empty' at times, so you've handled it perfectly here to give it some 'oomph'



on:  Mar 03 13 10:31: am
rozroz said:
nice one!
i think that the vocals should use more treatment to push them out and to feel more within the mental.
also, i personally would have tried to even add some of the guitar track of the beatles somewhere in the track, could have made it more interesting. but maybe you tried it and it didn't work?
anyway, good pairing.

on:  Mar 04 13 6:14: am
Rems79 said:

This is very great !

We should do a compilation of the Beatles bootlegs...



on:  Mar 04 13 9:41: am
Kill_mR_DJ said:
Thanks a lot guys :1cool: I actually enjoyed making this one, a lot.
rozroz, I did try using Beatles guitars :1wink: but didn't work 100% (same with the "sun sun sun, here it comes" part, so I left this one behind too).
It felt like I could use something more to it, but when I finished it I liked it the way it came out.
Andy, many many thanks again mate :1grin:

on:  Mar 04 13 1:54: pm
DRA'man said:

on:  Mar 05 13 7:49: am
lloyd said:
I like this a lot... but i think the levels needed checking before this was FP'd... I'm hearing clipping.

on:  Mar 05 13 8:02: am
DRA'man said:
lloyd wrote:I'm hearing clipping.

arf sorry Glyn i listened it on a poor computer audio system and did not hear it :1embarassed:

on:  Mar 05 13 8:29: am
Kill_mR_DJ said:
thanks DRA'dude :1smiley:
but, Lloyd what's a clipping? I don't get
and where is it? and how can it be?

on:  Mar 05 13 2:13: pm
lloyd said:
Clipping; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clipping_%28audio%29 :1wink:

on:  Mar 05 13 2:42: pm
Kill_mR_DJ said:

already did that :1smiley:
Nothing is overdriven [by me, at least] here. It's how the original source is, in the first place

on:  Mar 05 13 3:23: pm
lloyd said:
Well then whoever uploaded it did the clipping... either way... it's just a bit rough... shame because I really like this.

I'm guessing you used the same as this -

phpBB [media]

You can see without even needing to play it that it's maxed out :1sad:

on:  Mar 05 13 3:36: pm
Kill_mR_DJ said:
I actually have the original "Oracular Spectacular" (Instrumentals) album by MGMT.
I don't think anyone did the clipping. It's just how the song is. Check the video version also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fe4EK4HSPkI (song starts after 1.05)

on:  Mar 05 13 4:10: pm
lloyd said:
Yep, you're right, i've just dug out the original and played it... it is already clipped... so DRA' don't feel bad :1grin:

...and I'll just have to get used to it's roughness :1laugh:

on:  Mar 05 13 4:17: pm