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Mashed and Confused - I Heard You Where Born To Die (Lana Del Rey Vs Marvin Gaye) | Track Page | Mashstix.com
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DRA'man said:
MashedandConfused wrote: ... and hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I did ;)

i do !


on:  Mar 02 13 4:57: am
Ryan Nellis said:
Yup, solid and groovy. The chorus was a little awkward but I think in time I'll get used to it. :1cheesy:

on:  Mar 02 13 12:46: pm
RockstarBruski said:
This is a creative mashup that is interesting for me. It won't be everyone's cuppa but I think good enough for the frontpage.


on:  Mar 02 13 11:36: pm
lloyd said:
This all sounds a bit forced to me Jools... nah sorry but this one doesn't do it for me.

on:  Mar 03 13 3:42: am
Jholsta said:
I have to agree with Lloyd on this one, Lana sounds out of pitch maybe move her voice half a step up, As stated before the chorus is very awkward and takes a little while to fully sink in.
- JH

on:  Mar 03 13 3:59: am
MashedandConfused said:
Thanks for the feedback guys, glad you like it - and many thanks for the FP, much appreciated.

No worries lloyd & jholsta - I much prefer you be completely honest ;)

NB: I've uploaded a new version - made a few tweaks here and there, mainly on the acapella (its sibilance in places started to drive me nuts!) also a little micro timing issue on the multitrack ;)

on:  Mar 06 13 12:28: am
Metamix said:
Nice :1cool:

on:  Mar 07 13 11:55: am