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Dj Athom - pumped, good people (Foster the people vs Owl City) | Track Page | Mashstix.com
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athom said:
here s a fantastic vid by Bobby G :1smiley:

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on:  Feb 14 13 3:55: pm
DRA'man said:
Not my cuppa, but it's a good mashup :1wink:

on:  Feb 14 13 4:10: pm
g4gorilla said:
Surprisingly good IMO, and it might have blown people away if it was done when Good Times first came out. Even then, Pumped Up Kicks was already used heavily, so it's hard to say for sure. It's nicely done, but maybe has limited appeal at this stage I think.


on:  Feb 16 13 2:52: am
Rawkz0rz said:
Ahhh I'm groovin to this! I think you did a great job putting the mash together, vocals come through well, instrumental track isn't washed out either. This definitely makes it more jammy, easier to dance to than the pumped up kicks original. Fun mashup dude!

on:  Feb 17 13 11:44: am
RockstarBruski said:
Well I like this one and it's been awhile for me since I've heard this owl city track and I think this is a good production so.... RECOMMEND!

on:  Feb 21 13 3:14: am
athom said:
thanks a lot !!!

on:  Feb 21 13 4:55: pm
Bogoss Bootlegs said:
Nice one Dimitri ! :1wink:

on:  Feb 23 13 5:39: am
athom said:
Merci l ami !! :1wink:

on:  Feb 25 13 4:31: am
lloyd said:
Yeah... there's nothing wrong with this apart from the timing of the release, it's too soon for a nostalgic mash and too late to be current... nice work though :1wink:

on:  Mar 01 13 5:40: am
DRA'man said:
more i listen to it and more i think it's a hit, yes "foster the people" has been very used, and my first reaction was that the sources are not my cuppa, but i admit this one is good and it derserves FRONTPAGE ! :1wink:

on:  Mar 01 13 1:42: pm
Colatron said:
Hey Dim, so glad this got an FP as I loved it on Facebook and I still love it now!! So thanks Alex for beating me to the punch, as I would have FP-ed this in the blink of an eye myself :1smiley:

As an aside, when it comes to using sources that have been mashed to death, I always look at it from the point of view that if the track is so strong, then there's no reason why it can't be mashed 6 months after the original frenzy over a source file has died down. Hell, Foster the People certainly wasn't no "Set Fire To the Rain"!! :1laugh: Plus, it's a better track anyway!

Also, I could name maybe 2 or 3 FTP mashies that were actually any good anyway, and so this stands head and shoulders above the majority, thus it thoroughly deserves it release and Front-page.

So with that in mind... I away to make a start on my Missy Elliot vs. Rick Astley vs. PSY mash :1laugh: :1shocked:

on:  Mar 03 13 10:21: am
athom said:
merci beaucoup :1wink: :1kiss:

on:  Mar 08 13 11:44: am