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DJ b desk'ness - Turn me on, it's Okay (David Guetta Vs Whitney Houston) | Track Page | Mashstix.com
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lloyd said:
bdeskness wrote:

I really hope that this one will make the cut... ;)

you'll need to upload an mp3 before we can decide that :1wink:

wavs dont work in the preview players guys

on:  Feb 20 13 6:51: pm
bdeskness said:
It is now on mp3 format... did not remember it was in wav... was uploaded 3 weeks ago... Sorry!

on:  Feb 21 13 2:16: am
DJWolfboy said:
Definitely started out working well together and then got way way better by the end. I love Turn Me On a lot, so it's an interesting mix to hear a Whitney song with it. All I can say is I want to download this! Recommend! :1grin:

on:  Feb 21 13 2:29: am
steventhomas1970 said:
Oooh- this one is very nice! Great job! :1laugh:

on:  Feb 21 13 5:37: pm
DRA'man said:
I hate David-one finger-Guetta but Whitney is here to give to his music goodness ! well done


on:  Feb 22 13 3:27: am
g4gorilla said:
I have to agree - this is a natural sounding pairing with a great complimentary energy and structure. :1cool:

My nitpick is that the vocals could do with some mastering. Some eq-ing to increase the high end maybe, and some subtle reverb. I might be wrong. It might be my headphones, and this mashup might be good to go. I'll hold off to see if anyone chimes in to indicate I'm being too fussy. :1smiley:


on:  Feb 25 13 5:11: am
lloyd said:

on:  Mar 01 13 5:53: am