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Kill_mR_DJ - It's Time to be Loved (Imagine Dragons Vs Maroon 5) | Track Page | Mashstix.com
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Rino Santaniello said:
So Cool!!! :1rolleyes:

on:  Feb 25 13 8:42: am
RockstarBruski said:
Lovely! glad you made this instead of watching TV :1grin:

RECOMMEND! :1smiley:

on:  Feb 25 13 9:25: am
Kill_mR_DJ said:
RockstarBruski wrote:glad you made this instead of watching TV :1grin:

truth is that I didn't have a choice :1laugh:
Many thanks mate :1smiley:

on:  Feb 26 13 5:19: am
lloyd said:
Love the idea... but i'm being put off slightly with the vocal, it's a little bassy and sounds 'dirty' did you add fx?

... Ignore all i just said, I played this thru twice now, I love it!!


on:  Mar 01 13 5:29: am
Kill_mR_DJ said:
last mod I expected to FP this was Lloyd :1laugh: :1tongue:
Thank you mate :1smiley:

on:  Mar 01 13 6:29: pm
lloyd said:
would you assume I didn't like it... or are you admitting it's not perfect..? :1wink:

on:  Mar 03 13 3:51: am
Kill_mR_DJ said:
no rap / hiphop, nor explicit lyrics and no..Rednex :1laugh: :1laugh: :1laugh:
on the other hand, this sounded too cheesy to me :1lipsrsealed:
It's one of those you not want to be remembered for..? but you big fat do it anyway (and you do enjoyed it FDed) :1tongue: :1laugh:

on:  Mar 03 13 5:43: am
lloyd said:
What I choose to make and what i enjoy from others differ greatly :1wink:

on:  Mar 03 13 5:45: am
Kill_mR_DJ said:
I'm sure about that my friend :1smiley:
same here

on:  Mar 03 13 6:54: am
Colatron said:
Kill_mR_DJ wrote:

Sorry for "bombing" you with new stuff people.
It has been a very productive week.

Never EVER apologise my mate for bombing us - it's always a pleasure to hear something new from one of my new fave producers!! This is no exception - I know that vocal well and have given up on it more than once, but here it sounds fab, so well done on the FP - it's a winner!

on:  Mar 03 13 11:21: am
Ryan Nellis said:
That was super duper lovely. I've tried to use that Acapella in the past and got annoyed with it and moved on. This is a perfect fit!

on:  Mar 03 13 12:52: pm
Kill_mR_DJ said:
Colatron wrote:it's always a pleasure to hear something new from one of my new fave producers!!

Truly Honored :1rolleyes:
(to Ryan too)

on:  Mar 04 13 1:19: pm
djdavidx said:

on:  Mar 18 13 2:47: am