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DRA'man - That's Octopus (Genesis vs The Beatles) | Track Page | Mashstix.com
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rozroz said:
wow Alexandre :) this was fun!
my favorite is That's Octopus. works almost perfect (i say almost cause i'm a bloody perfectionist and there is a note there that bugs me :1embarassed: )

anyway, great job!

*btw did you hear my "Breaking The Mama" (with the Chili Peppers)?

on:  Feb 18 13 3:44: am
Maez said:
very nice job alex! i also thin the beatles one is the best, awesome combination!

on:  Feb 18 13 5:51: am
g4gorilla said:
I can't stand Genesis. I really like every one of these mashups! That's a measure of mashup gold right there. I personally feel these are among the best mashups you've done to date, D.


I put six exclamation marks (hey - where'd they go? ha ha)... because I think all of these are FP worthy. The first three are especially strong, but nothing can save "Mama" in my personal opinion. The Beatles will be people's choice. My favourite so far is Sea Epitaph, with King Crimson.

Well done! :1cool:


on:  Feb 19 13 4:18: am
Wood Ear said:
fantastic job!!!, on my 1st place is "Jean & John's mama", love this combo

on:  Feb 19 13 1:07: pm
Michmash said:
very good job...as always... :1smiley:

on:  Feb 20 13 11:09: am
DRA'man said:
thanks guys, the EP was really difficult to realized because Genesis is not easy too mash (many key changes), so i'm happy that you like :1wink:

on:  Feb 21 13 2:47: pm
DRA'man said:
BUMP :1wink:

on:  Feb 27 13 4:56: am
athom said:
excellent mon pote !! tout est bon ! :1kiss:

on:  Feb 27 13 8:18: am
RockstarBruski said:
just listening to these now. First one sounds good and fun and downloading the rest on the bus but just going through a section of town that is slow slow slow internet....will listen and comment later on these on to which ones are my favorites :1smiley:

on:  Feb 27 13 6:35: pm
lloyd said:
That's Octopus FRONTPAGED!!!

Team - I enjoyed them all so if you want to FP any others consider my recommendation already attached :1wink:

on:  Mar 01 13 5:20: am
RockstarBruski said:
lloyd wrote:That's Octopus FRONTPAGED!!!
Team - I enjoyed them all so if you want to FP any others consider my recommendation already attached :1wink:

I've been meaning to get back to this so DRA'man sorry about the delay.
I too enjoyed all of the mashups and have downloaded them and have been listening to them multiple times over the past few weeks.

I'm ready to frontpage the below remaining mashups but before I do please confirm to me that the spelling and casing is the way you want them on the frontpage.

Note: We can't use the "&" in a title on the frontpage as it causes coding errors according to Paul.

DJ name: DRA'man
Mashup Title (Sources)
1. Jean and John's mama (The Sound Defects vs Mama)
2. Sea Epitaph (King Crimson vs Genesis)
3. Just a Tear (Amy Winehouse vs Genesis)
4. Easy Rainbow (Booker T and the MG's vs Genesis)
5. Better Misunderstood (Lil Wayne vs Genesis)

Also, I was having problems with the preview player working on Just a Tear and noticed that the preview player url was missing an "H" in the "http" string so I fixed it for you.

Let me know thanks!

on:  Mar 27 13 10:35: am
RockstarBruski said:
Sorry DRA'man I can't frontpage these anylonger as I said I was going to in my earlier post because I'm no longer a mod but do hope that other mods would frontpage them.


on:  Mar 27 13 11:03: pm