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Rino Santaniello - Feed the Gaga (Dada Life vs Lady Gaga feat Zedd vs Madonna vs Double Dee) | Track Page | Mashstix.com
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g4gorilla said:
I like this a lot, and I think you're right - it works like a charm.

For what its worth, I would suggest two things. Firstly, EQ the vocal to bring up the high tones, and turn it up a little (maybe as little as 0.5 or 1.0 Db). Maybe EQ the highs in the music too, to make it a bit crisper. It also seems a bit long, so maybe a four minute version wouldn't wear out its welcome. You could ditch the somewhat side-chainy part at 5:10 to start with.

In any case, I think with the EQ-ing at least it would be good for the FP, so...



on:  Feb 27 13 3:55: am
doctorbrixx said:
Aww but I like the side-chainy part haha :1tongue:

But really thanks for the feedback. I shortened it to about 3:45 and reupped to my soundcloud, so the player in the original post should play the updated version. Also, I played around with the EQ, but to be honest I don't have nearly any experience with effective use of EQ so i might have royally screwed it up, I don't know. Either way, glad you enjoyed it :1smiley:

on:  Feb 27 13 12:37: pm
RockstarBruski said:
G4G, where are you at on this? You suggested some changes but put in a recommend so I want to hear from you on what you think of the v2 that Dr. Brixx posted?

FWIW - I never heard v1 but v1 sounds pretty good to my ears. :1smiley:

on:  Feb 27 13 6:16: pm
g4gorilla said:
RockstarBruski wrote:...what you think of the v2 that Dr. Brixx posted?

True, I should've waited for v2 (or v3 :1wink: ) before I recommended...

Anyways, my current verdict is that the EQing is now spot-on! But, the Doctor has gone too far increasing the vocal volume especially in the choruses...


on:  Mar 01 13 4:10: am
doctorbrixx said:
I swear I'll get it right eventually! Same as before, the revised version is now in the player in the original post.

on:  Mar 01 13 11:52: am
Colatron said:
Yep - sweet mix Dr. Brixx!

I didn't really know either source - I'm only vaguely familiar with the Papa Roach vocal, but they fit nicely enough and it's quite a cool genre clash to hear them in a dance setting. I didn't hear v1 so I can't judge the EQ relative to what came before, but it's still a tiny bit muddy on the vocal for me - like they've had some kind of soft EQ/reverb thingy applied or some kind of gentle compander. It doesn't ruin the mash at all, though they don't quite pop enough for me (which is probably were g4g was suggesting to increase the level on the vox).

But it still sounds great through headphones, so two thumbs up!


on:  Mar 03 13 10:15: am
RockstarBruski said:
bump - he did another version to fix and I think it sounds fine now so thought I'd bump as it deserves another listen IMO :)

on:  Apr 06 13 3:49: pm
doctorbrixx said:
Oh wow, reaching way back, bruski!
That being said, I wouldn't mind my first front page with this one....

on:  Apr 07 13 1:36: pm
Qubic said:
I really like this combination and the arrangement. It definitely makes a very fine mash-up.

When some of the strong synths kick in, they seem to have the same frequency range as the vocals, and also seem to fill the same stereo space as the vocals. So that might be contributing to the slight muddiness of the vocals. In a situation like this, I've used a compression filter that adds a mild stereo widening to the instrumental, or a stereo delay to add some mild stereo widening. The slight widening of the instrumentals can be enough to give the vocals a little more room and a little more clarity.

on:  Apr 07 13 4:45: pm
Rick Lee said:
Normally I'm not a fan of people bumping 6 week old tracks. There has to be a reason why some of them were irgnored back then.

But in this case Dr. Brixx was offered some advice, he made some changes and then maybe the thread was forgotten?

Congratz to your first FP dude! :1grin:


on:  Apr 08 13 10:48: am