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Rino Santaniello - In the end (maybe) (Carly Rae Japsen vs Linkin Park) | Track Page | Mashstix.com
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DJ Firth said:
I disagree with this completely, Linkin Park should not be put with Carly Rae Jepsen :1cry: Sure quite a few others will agree with me but..
this community is about the quality of your mashup and decent feedback so; the mash itself has nothing really wrong with it, you've structured it well and vocals don't sound too cheesy so good job for that, just really dislike the combo -.- haha

on:  Feb 24 13 3:03: pm
Rino Santaniello said:
Soundcloud says the opposite of you...
For me technique is the most important thing ... the taste is personal ... :1smiley:

Thanks for comment

on:  Feb 24 13 5:28: pm
doctorbrixx said:
I love it. The vocals in the first verse could use a little volume boost but other than that...man i dig this a lot. Call Me Maybe may be oversampled, but a good mashup is a good mashup.

on:  Feb 24 13 5:47: pm
Rino Santaniello said:
Thanks! :1cool:

on:  Feb 24 13 6:11: pm
RockstarBruski said:
I like this combo. My thoughts are Carly's voice is too low in volume and a bit too wet on the reverb.

on:  Feb 24 13 9:33: pm
Kill_mR_DJ said:
I don't get why LP should not be put with CRJ ??? It's not like blending Pink Floyd with Psy [ :1rolleyes: ]
LP have become nothing but a 100% commercial rock/nu or whatever band. So? :1wink:
Well, I think I like this one :1smiley:
(though I can't take more of the Call me song) :1tongue:
When you see these 2 sources you can't really expect to fit well together. But they do. Very well actually :1smiley:
Good job my mate :1cool:

on:  Feb 25 13 2:32: am
rozroz said:
nice one! good combo, especially in the chorus.

on:  Feb 25 13 4:36: am
Rino Santaniello said:
Thanks Guys!!! :)
This is The Video Too :)

Awesome video by BobbyG. :1cheesy:

phpBB [media]

on:  Feb 25 13 6:19: am
DRA'man said:
i like the pairing ! it dit CRJ listenable ! :1cheesy: With mashups, everything is possible !


on:  Feb 25 13 6:28: pm
shahar varshal said:
great combo!
like it very much, congratz :1cool:

on:  Feb 26 13 3:37: am
Rino Santaniello said:
Thanks so Much!!! :1grin:

on:  Feb 26 13 1:52: pm
DJWolfboy said:
I think this one is definitely awesome. Not something I would expect with Carly Rae Jepsen which is why I think I like it so much.

on:  Feb 26 13 4:57: pm
djdavidx said:
Wow, talk about TOTALLY changing the feel of a song. Makes the CRJ almost gloomy! Very cool.

on:  Mar 18 13 3:29: am